Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

To hear and determine appeals from decisions of the Subdivision or Development Authorities. 
Minimum of 15, maximum of 25 Residents of Calgary

No person shall be appointed as a member of the Board:
- who is an employee of the City,
- who carries out subdivision or development powers, duties and functions on behalf of the City,
- who is a member of the Calgary Planning Commission, or
- who is a member of Council.

Vacancies on the Board, regardless of how the vacancy occurs, may be filled by resolution of Council at any time. A member of the Board who is appointed to fill a vacancy shall be appointed for a term which expires on December 31 of the year in which the appointment takes effect. In the event of a vacancy or vacancies, the Board may continue to operate and conduct business until the vacancy or vacancies are filled provided that quorum requirements are fulfilled.
1 or 2 years, effective January 1 to December 31

A member of the Board shall not serve more than a cumulative maximum of 10 years.
Any years served by a member of the Board prior to January 1, 2016 will not be included in the calculation of the maximum cumulative years.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  Every Thursday
Time:  9:00 AM
Location:  1st Floor, Hearing Room
1212 31 Ave NE
3 members of the Board

Notwithstanding the above, the quorum of the Board, or of a panel of the Board is one (1) member of the Board for procedural and jurisdictional matters in relation to an appeal.
Resource Staff:
Dengis, Nicole (403-268-5952)
Administrative Contact:
Nicole Dengis
Coordinator, Appeal Boards
4th floor, 1212 - 31 Avenue NE
Mail code #8110
Calgary AB T2E 7S8
Bus: 403-268-5952 Fax: 403-268-5982
Reports To:
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Kristi BeunderResident of Calgary20192020
Katherine CamartaResident of Calgary, Second Vice-Chair20142021
  Bill ChomikResident of Calgary, Chair20162021
   Carol HamptonResident of Calgary20202020
   Patricia HullResident of Calgary20202020
   Kevin KellyResident of Calgary20202020
   Douglas LeightonResident of Calgary20202020
   Sonia LeungResident of Calgary20202020
   Sean MacLeanResident of Calgary20172020
   Gael MacLeodResident of Calgary20202020
   Robert MerchantResident of Calgary20142020
   Michael MeredithResident of Calgary20172021
   Katherine MurphyResident of Calgary20202020
   Andrew OrrResident of Calgary20172021
   Rijalda OzuluResident of Calgary20182020
Jim PalmerResident of Calgary, First Vice-Chair20162020
   C. Michelle PinkResident of Calgary20152021
   Jamila PremjiResident of Calgary20202020
   Tanisha SinghResident of Calgary20192020
   Judy SteeleResident of Calgary20142020
   Jaydan TaitResident of Calgary20152020
   Katherine WagnerResident of Calgary20172020
   Jacob WeberResident of Calgary20192021
   Ike ZacharopoulosResident of Calgary20202020

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1969, Bylaw 7500 Zoning ByLaw to Repeal B/L 4916. To regulate and control the use of land and the use and location of buildings.
2. 1972, Bylaw 8600 Establishes the Development Appeal Board, pursuant to s. 33 of The Planning Act, 1977. Land Use Classification Guide. Repeals ByLaw 7500 and several others.
3. 1977, The Planning Act. Beginning at s. 33
4. 1978 February 13, Commissioners' Report to Legislation Committee (L78-8) Reviewed number of members. Retaining current numbers against the Commissioners' recommendations, until the following Organizational Meeting (October 1978).
5. 1978 May 29, L78-14 (Resolution No 1). Amendment to The Planning Act 1977: restore the statutory requirement that development permit approvals be advertised and that the 14 day period to file an appeal to the DAB commence from the date of such advertisement.
6. 1978 May 29, L78-14 (Resolution No 11). Deletion of Section 79(2) of The Planning Act 1977. A Development Officer may no longer issue stop work or compliance orders.
7. 1980 March 17 and 18, Bylaw 4P80. The Land Use Bylaw was passed. Subsequently, Council passed a Resolution to designate 5 City employees as Development Officers for the term of their employment or until Resolution is revoked.
8. 1995 May 17, Municipal Government Amendment Act receives Royal assent. Part 17 "Planning and Development" of The Act sets out new provisions that govern the Subdivison and Development Appeal Board.
9. 1995 November 13, Bylaw 25P95 To Establish a Subdivision and Development Appeal Board under the new Municipal Government Act.
10. 2000 October 16, Bylaw 18P2000 with report OE2000-33. Recommendations arising from the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Review
11. 2000 October 23, Bylaw 18P2000 To amend 25P95. Reduced Council membership on Board from 4 to 2. Restrictions on Ward. Changed term limits, staggered expiry date, resignations and re-appointments for citizen members.
12. 2000 October 16, OE2000-38. Summary of OE2000-33 plus additional recommendations from community stakeholders. Received for information.
13. 2001 January 15, Bylaw 4P2001 Amendments to B/L 25P95 Re: appointment of a Secretary to the Board.
14. 2002 March 18, C2002-19 & Bylaw 8P2002 Bylaw 8P2002: To Amend the SDAB Bylaw 25P95 to allow for the appointment of an interim SDAB Board when they are unable to reach quorum on a specific appeal. Report C2002-19: To appoint 8 citizen members and two Aldermen to hear Appeal # 2002-0002.
15. 2002 September 23, OE2002-42. SDAB continues to use an informal mediation process. Establishment of smaller SDAB panels not required at this time. Council members discouraged from making submissions to SDAB on behalf of an appeal by their constituents.
16. 2002 November 29, Bylaw 22P2002 To Amend the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw 25P95. Allows an honorarium to citizen members; $25 fee added for filing an appeal. Comes into force on 2003 January 01.
17. 2003 September 08, AGS2003-43 Reduced Council membership from 2 to 1.
18. 2005 October 03, Bylaw 22P2005 with Report LPT2005-80. To Amend Bylaw 25P95. To increase flexibility of Citizen appointments. Adds one year initial term for new citizen members. Adds a maximum consecutive terms of eight (8) years for citizens.
19. 2007 May 07, PAC2007-08 SDAB became part of City Clerks on 2007 June 01. New Division City Appeal Boards. Bylaw 17P2007 deleted Designated Officer Manager, SDAB and appointed City Clerk as Designated Officer.
20. 2008 June 23, PAC2008-11 and Bylaw 33M2008. Adopted 33M2008 with Revisions to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw (25P95). Board shall sit in smaller panels for particular appeals; quorum shall be 3 to a maximum of 5; no more than one Council member shall be entitled to serve on a small panel. The Chairman in his sole discretion shall select the Board members for the panels and appoint a Chairman if he is not the presiding member.
21. 2008 October 20 In 2008, Council appointed only one Alderman and increased public members accordingly.
22. 2009 July 27, PAC2009-21 and Bylaw 35P2009 Remove Citizen appointments from Organizational Meeting; Membership terms coincide with calendar year; Potential SDAB citizen members be screened for relevant qualifications, by an interview panel named by the incumbent SDAB Chairman; Member of Council appointment(s) term for 1 year from October to October at Organizational Meeting.
23. 2010 April 26, PAC 2010-10 and Bylaw 25P2010 Amends SDAB Bylaw (25P95). Amends the maximum number of SDAB members who can hear an appeal to 7. Alters the list of issues which can be heard by a Small Panel Hearing.
24. 2013 May 27, PFC2013-0431. Joint recommendations of the City Clerk and the SDAB Board adopted, on improving efficiency and effectiveness of the SDAB. In summary: Fee structure and fee refunds; Tools to manage timelines and delays; Organizational capacity and succession; Communication with citizens.
25. 2013 July 29 & 30 Council. PFC2013-0530 and Bylaw 37M2013 Amends the SDAB Bylaw (25P95) to reflect the changes adopted 2013 May: membership composition and appeal fees, etc.
26. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force. To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
27. 2015 July 27, PFC2015-0518 and Bylaw 35M2015 Adoption of the qualifications of the Chair of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board; Change in composition: a Council Member shall not be appointed as a member on the Board; Adoption of a term limit for members.
28. 2016 May 16, SCS2016-0398 and Bylaw 28M2016 To amend Bylaw 25P95, to allow for mid-year appointment of public members to the SDAB. To appoint Bill Chomik as a member of the Board, effective 2016 May 17, and as Chair of the SDAB for the period of 2016 July 1 to 2016 December 31.
29. 2017 May 08, PFC2017-0326 and Bylaw 24M2017 To amend Bylaw 25P95, to eliminate the distinction between supernumerary and regular public members of the Board, to expand the minimum size of the Board, and to transition the appointments of current supernumerary members to those of regular public members.
30. 2018 April 23, PFC2018-0444 Direct the City Clerk's Office to include the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board in its annual BCC advertisement and recruitment campaign commencing in 2018 for appointments presented to the annual Organizational Meeting, with terms effective 2019 January 01.