Calgary Transit Access Eligibility Appeal Board

Terms of Reference
To hear and determine Appeals from those persons deemed to be ineligible, conditionally eligible or who disagree with their eligibility for shared-ride public transportation service as determined by Calgary Transit Access. Decisions are based strictly on an Appellant's ability to use Calgary Transit buses and CTrains.

As the burden of proof lies with the Appellant, Board members are expected to make decisions based on the above mandate only.
3 Public members with disabilities or directly involved with those with disabilities
3 Public members who are or were health care practitioners (e.g. doctor, nurse, therapist)
1 Citizen-at-Large

2 years

- A public member may serve a maximum of six consecutive years.
- Despite the above, a public member may serve until his or her successor is appointed. The service of a member beyond the appointed term shall not count toward the limit on the length of service set out above if the additional service is six months or less.
- When an appointment is made to fill a public member vacancy:
  o If the balance of the term to be served is six months or less, that service shall not count toward the limit on the length of service; and
  o If the balance of the term to be served is more than six months, that service shall count toward the limit on the length of service.
- A public member may serve more than six consecutive years by a two-thirds vote of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
monthly (or as required)
Day:  Every third Tuesday of the Month
Time:  exact time of hearing is subject to change
Location:  Virtual online meeting
greater than 50%, that is four members
Resource Staff:
Frey, Cindy (403-537-7933)
Howell, Aneesa (403-537-7726)
Administrative Contact:
AJ Ryland (Manager, Calgary Transit Access)
Westbrook Administration Building, Mail Code #170WB
1417 - 33 Street SW
Calgary AB
Bus: (403) 537-7924
Reports To:
Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit
Calgary Transit - Appeals
Meetings are not open to the public.
Media are not entitled to attend Board hearings.
Meetings are not recorded via video or audio tape.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Opeyemi AbuduPublic member with disability or involved with those with disabilities20202022
   Carol BowsfieldCitizen-at-Large20202022
   Veronika KiryanovaPublic member with disability or involved with those with disabilities20192021
   Adam KucharskiPublic member who is or was health care practitioner20182022
   Raymond LewkoniaPublic member who is or was health care practitioner20162021
   Shawna MattinsonPublic member with disability or involved with those with disabilities20182022
   Jacob McGregorPublic member who is or was health care practitioner20192021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1999 May 03, TTP99-19 Approve the implementation plan for the recommendations from the Transportation Services for People with Disabilities Review. Approve the Terms of Reference and composition for an independant appeal board and appeal process: "Special Needs Transportation Services Appeal Board".
2. 2001 April 02, TTP2001-14 Amend the composition of the Special Needs Transportation Services Apeal Board: 2 members with disabilities using specialized transportation services; 1 citizen-at-large; and 2 health care practitioners (e.g., medical doctor, occupational or physical therapist, rehabilitation specialist).
3. 2003 October 20, AGS2003-43 Designated appeal function to Administration.
4. 2009 March 09, LPT2009-14 Name change from 'Special Needs Transportation Services Appeal Board' to 'Access Calgary Eligibility Appeal Board'. Authority has been given to the board to set their own procedures in order to better serve the public.
5. 2016 April 11, TT2016-0192 Name change from "Access Calgary Eligibility Services Appeal Board" to the "Calgary Transit Access Eligibility Appeal Board".
6. 2017 May 08, PFC2017-0312 Amendment to the Terms of Reference to reflect a 6 year term limit maximum for Public Members as specified in the new Council policy on Governance and Appointments of Boards, Commissions and Committees (CP2016-03).
7. 2018 July 30, C2018-0886 Amendment to the Terms of Reference: mandate updated to reflect the current scope of the board; composition increased from 5 to 7 members; term increased from 1 to 2 years; quorum increased to 4 members to reflect the new composition.
8. 2020 June 15, PFC2020-0560 Amendment to the Terms of Reference: clarify the basis for appeal decisions and scope of the Board's consideration; allow for virtual appeal meetings; include guidance on roles, conduct and expectations of members.