Coordinating Committee of the Councillors' Office

To supervise the general operations of the Councillors Office and to act as approving authority in respect for the Ward Community Event Fund. 
Mayor (Ex-Officio)
Up to 5 Councillors

1 year term
Term Expiry Month:
Call of the Chair
Day:   Not specified
Time:  Not specified
Location:  Not specified
Resource Staff:
Orr, Patty (403-268-2430)
Administrative Contact:
Patty Orr (Manager, Office of the Councillors)
The City of Calgary, Mail Code #8001
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-2430
Reports To:
Priorities and Finance Committee

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
  Mayor Naheed NenshiMayor (ex-officio)2010N/A
 Councillor Diane Colley-UrquhartCouncillor20202021
  Councillor Druh FarrellCouncillor20202021
Councillor Jyoti GondekCouncillor20202021
  Councillor Shane KeatingCouncillor20192021
  Councillor Evan WoolleyCouncillor20202021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1981 October 26 Resolution of Council to form a Committee. Originally composed of three Aldermen.
2. 1981 November 23, FB81-87 Aldermanic Expense System Policies: Expense System Policies updated to replace "Finance and Budget" with "Aldermanic Office Coordinating Committee" wherever it appears.
3. 1982 October 13, LRS82-49 Duties of the Aldermanic Coordinating Committee be transferred to the Legislative Resources and Structural Review Committee. Chair of LRSRC to be made the program manager of the Aldermanic Budget.
4. 1985 October 28 The AOCC will report to the Nominating, Agenda and Personnel Commitee, with the Chair assuming the duties of the Aldermanic Budget Program Manager.
5. 1986 October 27, Bylaw 62M86 To amend the Procedure Bylaw 39M83. The member of Council who is the Program Manager of the AOCC will be a voting member of the NAPC when that Committee considers reports from the AOCC.
6. 2003 September 8, AGS2003-43 AOCC membership revised from 3 to "Up to 5 members"
7. 2004 May 25, APA2004-35a Revised Terms of Reference, AOCC to act as approving authority in respect of the Council Strategic Initiatives Fund.
8. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force. To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor". To replace "Aldermanic Office Co-ordinating Committee" with "Co-ordinating Committee of the Councillors' Office".
9. 2015 December 15, PFC2015-0898 Amendment to the committee's mandate: replace "approving authority for the Council Strategic Initiatives Fund" with "approving authority for the Ward Community Event Fund".