Calgary Public Library Board

To undertake the general management, regulation organization and control of the public library for The City of Calgary. Promote and maintain comprehensive and efficient library services. 
8 Citizens
No more than 2 Members of Council

Not fewer than 5 and not more than 10 members.
Employees of the Board are not eligible to serve.
Up to three (3) years. 
All Members can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms, unless Council passes with a two thirds majority, a resolution to reappoint that member (Bylaw 38M2006)
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  Last Wednesday
Time:  5:30 p.m.
Location:  Calgary Public Library
Central Library, 616 Macleod Tr SE
2nd floor Boardroom
6 for Board meetings
2 for Committee meetings
Resource Staff:
Adekugbe, Dee (403-260-2611)
Administrative Contact:
Dee Adekugbe (Senior Executive Assistant to CEO and Board)
Calgary Public Library
800 - 3 Street SE
Calgary AB T2G 2E7
Bus: 403-260-2611
Reports To:
SPC on Community and Protective Services
Calgary Public Library Board

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Andrew RodychCitizen20172023
   Haritha DevulapallyCitizen20192022
   Sandy GillCitizen20192022
   Crystal ManyfingersCitizen20202023
  Avnish MehtaCitizen20122021
   Jocelyn PhuCitizen20182021
Shereen SamuelsCitizen20142021
   Sheeba VijayanCitizen20202023
  Councillor Druh FarrellMember of Council20102021
  Councillor Evan WoolleyMember of Council20132021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1908 May 06, Bylaw #859 Bylaw for establishing a Public Library with the assent of the electors. To provide for the establishment of a Public Library in the City of Calgary.
2. 1983, Government of the Province of Alberta, Libraries Act, Chapter L-12.1 Assented to 1983, November 30.
3. 1985 September 16, L85-25 Establish the rules of conduct for the use of the Library by the public, charges for meeting rooms, categories for fees and memberships and fines for overdue or damaged materials.
4. 1987 July 14, Calgary Public Library Bylaws as amended; 1987 March 25, with revised schedules Adopted by The Calgary Public Library Board 1985, June 26. Amended 1987, March 25.
5. 1990 July 23, Resolution of Council Committees Retained, Aldermanic Membership Unchanged.
6. 1998 October, Alberta Community Development The Alberta Libraries Act Chapter L-12.1 1983 and Libraries Amendment Act Chapter 19 1998. A Guide to the Legislation.
7. 2001 November 16, Libraries Act Chapter L-12.1 Downloaded from Alberta Government, 2001 November 16 The Municipal Board will consist of no fewer than 5, and not more than 10, members appointed by Council. Employees of the Municipal Board are not eligible. No more than 2 members of Council will be appointed.
8. 2006 February 13, AC2006-03 Update to the maximum number of terms served by members on the 5 Autonomous Civic Entities. Maximum of 9 consecutive years.
9. 2006 June 19, Bylaw 38M2006 Bylaw with respect to the Calgary Public Library Board. Duties, Composition, Terms etc.
10. 2006 June 19, CPS2006-35 Approval to re-establish the Calgry Public Library Board.
11. 2012 July 24, PFC2012-0489 Public Library Board vacancies will no longer be filled through the Organizational Meeting of Council. A separate process will be developed in 2012.
12. 2013 June 10, VR2013-0060 Direct that the Public Library Board vacancies continue to be removed from the Boards, Commissions and Committees advertisement and the regular appointment process of Council's Organizational Meeting for 2013. Direct that the Public Library Board advertise for potential candidates, based on the skills inventory to be updated annually; and bring forward potential candidates for Council approval, no later than the 2013 Organizational Meeting of Council.
13. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
14. 2014 May 12, PFC2014-0423 Direct that the Calgary Public Library Board: Remove the vacancies from the City Clerk's Office Boards, Commissions and Committees public notice advertisement for the 2014 Organizational Meeting of Council and all subsequent Organizational Meetings of Council; Annually engage a search consultant to advertise for vacant positions, and based on the skills inventory to be updated annually, report to Council, with a slate of recommended candidates for Council's approval, at the 2014 Organizational Meeting of Council and all subsequent Organizational Meetings, at the expense of the Calgary Public Library Board; Report to Council, when required throughout the year, any mid-year resignations as well as recommended candidates for Council's approval for mid-year vacancies.
15. 2018 October 22, Organizational Meeting That Council reconsider and then rescind its decision dated 2014 May 12, which directed that the Calgary Public Library Board engage a search consultant when conducting citizen recruitment campaigns.