Calgary Police Commission

- General oversight of the Calgary Police Service
- Establish policies for efficient and effective policing
- Appoint the Chief of Police, subject to ratification by Council of employment contract
- Prepare estimates of monies required for the fiscal year and yearly plan to be submitted to Council for approval
- Monitor the police complaints process
2 Members who may be members of Council or municipal employees
10 Residents of the City

Current and former employees of the Calgary Police Service, including sworn and civilian, shall not be appointed to the Commission.
A Councillor may be a Member of the Police Commission only so long as they remain a Councillor.
2 year terms. Staggering of terms took place in 2001. Appointments are effective November 1 to October 31.

A Member of a the Police Commission is eligible for reappointment if the reappointment does not result in more than 10 consecutive years of service by that member. (Police Act RSA 2010, Ch. 21)

Any vacancies shall be filled for the balance of that term within 60 days from the date Council is notified that the vacancy has occurred to ensure continuity.
Term Expiry Month:
Meetings Monthly (except April, August, and December)
Location:  Primary Rocky Mountain Plaza
Resource Staff:
Spicer, Heather (403-428-8914)
Administrative Contact:
Heather Spicer (Executive Director)
Calgary Police Commission
650-615 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary AB T2G 4T8
Bus: 403-428-8914
Reports To:
City Council (The Police Commission liaises directly with Council)
Calgary Police Commission
Calgary Police Service security checks are carried out on potential members prior to appointment.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Kim Lynch ProctorResident of the City20202021
   Theresa RoesselResident of the City20202021
   Heather CampbellResident of the City20202022
   Shawn CornettResident of the City20192021
  Bonita CroftResident of the City20182022
   Marco De IacoResident of the City20192021
   Susan MallonResident of the City20202022
   Marilyn North PeiganResident of the City20172021
   Amtul SiddiquiResident of the City20192021
   Tongjie ZhangResident of the City20182022
  Councillor Gian-Carlo CarraMember of Council20202021
  Councillor George ChahalMember of Council20202022

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1913 May 05, Bylaw 1523 To Regulate the Police Department.
2. 1955 December 12, Bylaw 4791 To provide for a Board of Police Commissioners, pursuant to s. 81 of The City Act. It was repealed by Bylaw 8259.
3. 1971 June 21, Bylaw 8259 To provide for a Board of Police Commissioners Amended by Bylaws 8596 and 8705. Repealed by Bylaw 8862, 1974 March 11.
4. 1973, The Police Act, 1973 (as amended) Some transfer of Authority occurred in 1973 from the Police Commission to the Provincial Government.
5. 1974 March 11, Bylaw 8862 Bylaw 8259 is repealed. Bylaw 8862 is adopted pursuant to The Police Act, 1973.
6. 1980 November 27, The Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Bill 97 - The Police Amendment Act 1980 Royal Assent 1980 November 27.
7. Summary of The Police Act 1988 and The Police Commission Bylaw 8862 (consolidated) The Police Act was completely rewritten. The Consolidation includes amending Bylaws 15M81, 60M81, 64M86, 50M88, 51M91, 53M92, 54M93.
8. 1992 November 02, Bylaw 53M92 Bylaw 51M91 is repealed. Bylaw 8862 is amended to extend the terms of 2 members who have served the maximum number of terms allowed.
9. 1993 November 22, C93-86 and Bylaw 54M93 Amendment to the Police Commission Bylaw 8862 to accommodate the appointment of 2 additional citizen members.
10. 1993 November 08, Clause NM93-38 Calgary Police Commission Chair.
11. 1996 October 28, City of Calgary/Calgary Police Commission Protocol This Protocol made between The City and the CPC signed the 12th Day of November 1996.
12. 1997 June 23, C97-35 and Bylaw 25M97 To bring the Police Commission Bylaw in compliance with the Police Act. Report adopted, first 2 readings of new Bylaw
13. 1997 July 14, Bylaw 25M97 Bylaw 8862 is repealed. Bylaw 25M97 is read a third time.
14. 2001 November 05, Bylaw 47M2001 To amend the Police Commission Bylaw 25M97 - To allow for staggered expiry of terms.
15. 2001 November 12, Bylaw 52M2001 To amend The Police Commission Bylaw 25M97 - To allow for staggered expiry of terms.
16. 2005 January 10, Bylaw 59M2004 (3rd reading) To amend The Police Commission Bylaw 25M97 - To allow for an honorarium to be paid to the Chair and to citizen members.
17. 2004 November 08, In Camera verbal report Appointments to the Calgary Police Commission will be 2 year terms.
18. 2005 June 02, Province of Alberta Police Act Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000 Chapter P-17
19. 2005 June 29, CPS2005-47 and Bylaw 38M2005 To amend The Police Commission Bylaw 25M97 - Housekeeping amendments to include FOIP in the Bylaw; to exclude Calgary Police Service (sworn or civilian) from being eligible to sit on the Commission; to clarify the term limitations for a Commission member.
20. 2006 February 13, AC2006-03 Update to the maximum term length served by members on the 5 Autonomous Civic Entities. Maximum of 9 consecutive years.
21. 2010 December 13 Bylaw 25M97 Section 3 (1) amended number of "Resident" members by the addition of 2. The City shall have a Commission composed of 11 members appointed by Council, 2 members of which shall be Aldermen or City employees.
22. 2011 July 25 Amendment to Bylaw 25M97 to conform with amended Police Act with respect to term limits for members.
23. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
24. 2013 November 18, Bylaw 46M2013 To amend 25M97, the Police Commission Bylaw: to appoint up to 10 members
25. 2014 October 20, Bylaw 64M2014 Amendment to Bylaw 25M97, Council must appoint Members for a two year term, effective on November 1 of the year of the Organizational Meeting at which the appointment is made and expiring on the second October 31 thereafter or when a successor is appointed, whichever is later and Subsection 4(2) applies to the appointment of a successor.
26. 2015 November 16, Bylaw 46M2015 Amendment to Bylaw 25M97, the City shall have a Commission composed of up to 11 Members appointed by Council, two Members of which shall be Councillors of City employees.
27. 2020 October 26, C2020-1217 and Bylaw 39M2020 Amendment to Bylaw 25M97: The City shall have a Commission composed of up to 12 Members appointed by Council, two Members of which shall be Councillors or City employees.