Parks Foundation Calgary

To promote and encourage the co-operative effort of government, private and community sector involvement toward the enhancement of the quality of parks, recreation and open space in the City of Calgary. 
1 Director, Calgary Parks or designate

*NOTE: Total membership of Board of Governors is a minimum of 12
1 year term - Governors appointed by Council
2 year term - Governors elected from Membership at Large
Term Expiry Month:
Minimum 6 per year
(At the Call of any 4 Governors)
Location:  To Be Announced
7 or simple majority
Resource Staff:
Taylor, Sheila ((403) 974-0751)
Administrative Contact:
Sheila Taylor (Executive Director)
Parks Foundation Calgary
225 - 13 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2R 1N8
Bus: (403) 974-0751
Reports To:
SPC on Community and Protective Services
Parks Foundation Calgary

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Kyle RipleyDirector, Calgary Parks20182021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1984 February 20 and 21, Clause PR84-20 Terms of Reference and Objectives for creation of the "Calgary Parks Foundation".
2. 1984 May 07, C84-49. Updates to the structure of the Foundation, including incorporation under The Companies Act with charitable status. IGA to investigate having the Foundation reorganized so as to be within the structure of the Provincial Government, allowing donations to be fully deductible.
3. 1984 September 04, Clause N84-38 Council approved the name " Parks Foundation, Calgary"
4. 1984 October 25, The Companies Act (Part 9) Articles of Association, and Memorandum of Association.
5. 1985 February 12, The Companies Act (Part 9) Certificate of Incorporation.
6. 1987 January 06, Reconsideration of Recommendation #2 on N87-07 Foundation was instructed to submit nominees to NAP in order to replace the Chair. Has been reconsidered, as the Board has been granted authority in its Articles to elect its own Chairman.
7. 1987 September 08, Clause C87-87 Operating Agreement finalized with recommended changes to the Principles of Agreement.
8. 1990 July 23, Final Report of the Committee on Committees Aldermanic Representation eliminated on the Calgary Parks Foundation.
9. 1997 March 17, N97-08. A representative from Parks was selected.
10. 2000 January 24, C2000-05 Implementation of the New Organization Structure to Level 3. Recommended appointment of General Manager, Recreation Programs and Facilities.
11. 2004 September 08, AGS2003-43 Assign liaison responsibility to Administration.
12. 2010 October 26, Organizational Meeting Member appointed.