Calgary Parking Committee

The Calgary Parking Committee is established as a committee of Council to oversee the Calgary Parking Authority with respect to the following purposes:
(a) implement the parking policies and framework established by Council;
(b) arrange for the provision of parking facilities;
(c) manage and operate the parking facilities that are owned or leased by the City and which have been designated by Council for management by the Authority;
(c.1) provide parking services for parking facilities owned or leased by third parties, or manage and operate such parking facilities;
(d) manage and operate a parking enforcement program pursuant to the provisions of the Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96, as amended, and the Traffic Safety Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. T-6;
(d.1) manage and operate municipal impound lots;
(e) report to and advise Council, and City business units as appropriate, on matters related to the parking of vehicles in the City;
(f) generate sufficient funds from its operation of parking facilities to finance its ongoing operations, service capital debt and meet financial return expectations established by Council;
(g) demonstrate leadership in customer service by taking a proactive approach to customer complaints and feedback, regularly communicating with customers and establishing and tracking performance metrics;
(h) ensure Authority operations are efficient and effective;
(i) to perform all duties and functions delegated by Council pursuant to this Bylaw, subject to the provisions of the Act;
(j) manage parking permit programs;
(k) manage records of the Authority; and
(l) develop, maintain, utilize, enhance and/or commercialize parking-related technologies.
2 Members of Council
5 Elector-members
1 General Manager, Transportation
1 Chief Financial Officer

An Elector-member may serve more than six consecutive years if authorized by a two-thirds vote of Council.
1 year term - Council Members (may only be appointed for a total of six one-year terms)
2 year term - Elector-member (may only be appointed for a total of three consecutive terms for a total of six years)
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  3rd Thursday
Time:  8:00 a.m.
Location:  CPA Meeting Room, 851 - 5 Street SW
50% + 1
Resource Staff:
Furtado, Glen ()
Administrative Contact:
Glen Furtado (General Manager)
Calgary Parking Authority
Calgary AB
Reports To:
Calgary Parking Committee

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Ian BeddisElector-member20202021
   Nicholas KuhlElector-member20202021
   Shahid QureshiElector-member20182022
   Deirdre SheehanElector-member20202022
   Kate ThrasherElector-member20202022
  Councillor Sean ChuMember of Council20142021
  Councillor Joe MaglioccaMember of Council20202021
   Carla MaleChief Financial Officer2018N/A
   Doug MorganGeneral Manager, Transportation2019N/A

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1955 January 1, Memorandum of Agreement between The City of Calgary and Calgary Downtown Parking Corporation Lease of lands for operation of parking lots/meters.
2. The Municipal Government Act, c. 68, s. 123 (1) The Highway Traffic Act, 1975 s.15 Council may appoint a body to manage and operate or advise in the management/operation of any branch of the municipality's service.
3. 1968 August 26, Bylaw 7343 - The Parking Authority Bylaw Lays out the terms of reference for the Authority. Third reading was withheld to allow submissions from private parking lot operators.
4. 1968 October 28, Bylaw 7343 3rd reading of the Bylaw - To Establish a Parking Authority for the City.
5. 1969 August 1, Agreement made between The Calgary Downtown Business Association and The City of Calgary. For the purchase of Calgary Downtown Parking Corporation shares.
6. 1983 October 03, Bylaw 42M83 Amends Bylaw 7343 - Increases total membership to be 7: 1 member of Council, 4 electors, 2 members of Administration (Director of Transportation and Director of Finance).
7. 1985 September 3, Bylaw 32M85 Amends Bylaw 7343 - Increases total membership to be 9: 1 member of Council, 5 electors, and 3 members of Administration (Director of Transportation, Director of Planning and Building, and Director of Finance).
8. 1990 July 23, Final Report of the Committee on Committees Eliminates Aldermanic representation on the Authority. Parking Authority now required to report semi-annually to the SPC on Transportation, Transit & Parking.
9. 1994 April 19, TTP94-28 Revision of mandates.
10. 1998 February 2, TTP98-03 and Bylaw 4M98 Amends Bylaw 7343 - Creates the position of Vice Chairman of the Calgary Parking Authority.
11. 2000 January 24, Bylaw 1M2000 Amends various Bylaws for the implementation of Level 3 Corporate Restructuring.
12. 2002 July 22, TTP2002-34 and Bylaw 28M2002 New Calgary Parking Authority Bylaw. Repeal of Bylaw 7343.
13. 2003 October 20, Bylaw 41M2003 Amends various bylaws relating to committees. Redefines which General Managers sit as members of Calgary Parking Authority.
14. 2004 June 21, Bylaw 41M2004 Amends Bylaw 28M2002 - Gives Authority to members of Administration on the Parking Authority to choose a Designate.
17. 2005 April 25, Bylaw 31M2005 Amends Bylaw 28M2002 - Term change from 3 years to 1 or 2 years.
18. 2006 February 13, AC2006-03 Update to the maximum # of terms served by members on the 5 Autonomous Civic Entities. Maximum of 9 consecutive years.
19. 2009 September 14, Bylaw 49M2009 Change to General Manager title due to organizational change.
20. 2010 March 08, C2010-07 and Bylaw 19M2010 Amends Bylaw 28M2002 - To present a revised 2010-2011 Calgary Parking Authority Operating Budget to City Council.
21. 2010 November 08, Bylaw 55M2010 Amends Bylaw 28M2002 - To provide for additional member of Council appointment.
22. 2011 April 11, Bylaw 32M2011 Amends Bylaw 28M2002 - Change to Mandate and composition.
23. 2011 October 24, Bylaw 73M2011 Amends Bylaw 28M2002 - Terms served by a Council member prior to October 24,2011 shall not count towards the term limit maximum.
24. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
25. 2017 June 26, PFC2017-0474 and Bylaw 31M2017 Amends Bylaw 28M2012 - To bring clarity on the following: Mandate of the Board; CPA's Relationship with City Administration; Roles and Responsibilities of the Board with respect to the General Manager; Financing of the CPA; Term limit for elector-members.
26. 2019 December 16, PFC2019-1510 Council request that Administration and the Calgary Parking Authority work together on due diligence, with technical, administrative and financial input necessary to explore the feasibility of and opportunities and issues associated with the creation of a wholly owned subsidiary to assume responsibility for the Mandate and materially increase the Dividend and, upon completion of that due diligence exercise report its findings and provide a recommendation to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit by the end of Q4 2020.
27. 2020 October 26, C2020-1243 and Bylaw 46M2020 Amends Bylaw 28M2002: 1) Elector-members may be appointed for a term of one year in order to facilitate the staggering of terms; and 2) an Elector-member or a Councillor may serve more than six consecutive years if authorized by a two-thirds vote of Council.