Calgary Heritage Authority (operating as Heritage Calgary)

To identify, preserve, and promote Calgary's diverse heritage for future generations.

- Advise Council on all matters relating to Calgary's heritage resources.
- Evaluate potential heritage sites.
- Maintain Calgary's Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources.
- Promote public awareness of our shared heritage.
Not less than 10 and not more than 12 Electors

For continuity, no more than one third of the Directors' terms expire in any year.

Employee of the City cannot serve on the Board.
Term up to 3 years.
A member may serve a maximum of nine consecutive years.
Term Expiry Month:
(April, June, October & December)
Location:  Heritage Calgary Office
#304, 319 10 Ave SW
Majority of Members
Resource Staff:
Traptow, Josh ((403) 805-7084)
Administrative Contact:
Josh Traptow (Executive Director)
Heritage Calgary
#304, 319 10 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2R 0A5
Bus: (403) 805-7084
Reports To:
SPC on Planning and Urban Development
Heritage Calgary

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Lauren HerschelDirector20172022
   Christine LeppardDirector20172022
  Nikolas Marsall-MoritzDirector20132022
Janet McCreadyDirector20172023
   David MorrisonDirector20182021
   Patricia O'ReillyDirector20172022
   Jessica ParkDirector20202023
   Reg YoungDirector20172023

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1983 October 03, Resolution of Council Heritage Evaluation Policy Report.
2. 1985 June 05, Bill Pr11 Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authorities Act, Chapter 55.
3. 1988 July 06, Bill Pr 19 Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority Amendment Act, 1988: Authority shall operate for charitable purposes and not for profit.
4. 1989 June 05, OD89-54, OD89-65 and OD89-55 OD89-54: Draft Memorandum of Agreement and Declaration of Trust between the Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority and The City of Calgary is approved. OD89-65 and OD89-55: also approved, both related to the draft Memorandum.
5. 1990 July 23, Final report of the Committee on Committees Council directed that Aldermanic representation on the Heritage Advisory Board be eliminated.
6. 1995 June 26, Bill Pr 8 Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority Amendment Act, 1992: Change in composition.
7. 2000 January 24, C2000-04 Approval to ask the Province of Alberta to amend the CMHP Act, Chapter 55 to address the merger of the Heritage Advisory Board and Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority.
8. 2000 May 30, Bill Pr 4 Calgary Municipal Heritage Properties Authority Amendment Act, 2000: Change the name to Calgary Heritage Authority Act, changes related to the merger and change in composition.
9. 2000 September 25, OE2000-39 Merger of the 'Heritage Advisory Board' and the 'Calgary Municipal Heritage Property' to form the 'Calgary Heritage Authority'.
10. 2000 October 23 Heritage Advisory Board is dissolved. Appointments to the Calgary Heritage Authority.
11. 2003 September 08, AGS2003-43 Legislative Governance Review Final Report.
12. 2019 June 17, C2019-0767 Approve the removal of the Calgary Heritage Authority from the City Clerk's Boards, Commissions and Committees advertising and recruitment process effective 2019 July.
13. 2019 December 03 The Calgary Heritage Authority is now operating as 'Heritage Calgary', a charitable Civic Partner of The City of Calgary.