Silvera for Seniors

Provides affordable housing for lower-income Calgary seniors 
11 Individuals recruited by Silvera for Seniors, and selected for nomination for appointment by City Council
1 City of Calgary Senior Administration
1 City Treasurer, or designate

3 years, may be re-appointed up to a maximum of nine (9) years.
For continuity, no more than three (3) members may expire in each year.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  3rd Wednesday
Time:  9:00 a.m.
Location:  Suite 804, 7015 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB  T2H 2K6
Majority of Members
Resource Staff:
Adamson, Arlene (403-567-5300)
Foster, Laura (403-567-5300)
Administrative Contact:
Arlene Adamson (Chief Executive Officer)
Silvera for Seniors
Suite 804, 7015 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary AB T2H 2K6
Bus: 403-567-5300 Fax: 403-276-9152
Reports To:
Silvera for Seniors

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Rick BennettMember appointed by Council20202023
   Janice CullenMember appointed by Council20192022
   Al DuerrMember appointed by Council20182021
  Robert EassonMember appointed by Council20162022
   Sue FrerichsMember appointed by Council20172023
   Judy MacLachlanMember appointed by Council20162021
   Doug NgMember appointed by Council20152021
   Jeff SmythMember appointed by Council20202023
   Lorraine VenturatoMember appointed by Council20152021
   Bruce IrvineSenior Administration, City of Calgary20192023
   Les TochorCity Treasurer, City of Calgary20202023

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1959, Governing legislation The Homes For The Aged Act.
2. 1960 December 01, Master Agreement A Master Agreement under the Homes for the Aged Act between The City of Calgary and the Towns of Bowness, Forest Lawn, Montgomery and the Province of Alberta to provide low rental housing for the elderly.
3. 1962 February 19, The Metropolitan Calgary Foundation Charter Foundation is established by Order-In-Council; includes its Authority, purpose and composition.
4. 1962 August 20, Supplementary Agreement between The City of Calgary and The Towns of Bowness & Montgomery, and the Minister of Public Welfare for the Province of Alberta Housekeeping amendments to the Master Agreement due to the Town of Forest Lawn being amalgamated into Calgary.
5. 1967 October 17, Agreement between The City of Calgary and the Minister of Public Welfare for the Province of Alberta Replaces the Supplementary Agreement dated 1962 August 20, due to the Towns of Bowness and Montgomery being amalgamated into Calgary. Amends the Foundation Charter in regards to composition of members.
6. 1969, Resolution of the Board of Management of the Metropolitan Calgary Foundation Bylaws for the administration and management of the Metropolitan Calgary Foundation and its properties.
7. 1977 April 18, Finance and Budget Committee's Report to Council Recommendations that Council consider legislative changes that would allow the composition of the Board of Directors to be altered to include administrative staff members and citizens at large.
8. 1980 September 22, HET80-64 Request from Metropolitan Calgary Foundation for Citizen Representation on the Committee.
9. 1990 July 24, Resolution of Council, Committee on Committees Addition of Sunset clause to all committees. No changes to Aldermanic Membership on Metropolitan Calgary Foundation.
10. 1991 December 16, Ministerial Order No. 888/91 Establishes the consolidated charter for all Senior Citizens' Lodge Foundation in the Province. Allows seniors to remain in lodges when assisted by the Home Care Program. Allows the Foundation Board to pay their Board members. Allows the Board to decide the basis for requisitioning their operating deficits.
11. 1994, Bill 34 Alberta Housing Act To enable the efficient provision of a basic level of housing accommodation for persons who because of financial, social or other circumstances require assistance to obtain or maintain housing accommodation.
12. 1995 June 26, C95-60 Maintains the current process for appointments to the MCF Board of Directors (2 Aldermen, 7 citizens-at-large). Endorses the MCF's new status as a management body under the Alberta Housing Act. Approves the Ministerial Order that describes composition of the Body. Amends Clause 3b of the Ministerial Order.
13. 1997 October 10 Office Consolidation of the Protection for Persons in Care Act - Province of Alberta
14. 1999 March 08, Revised Commissioners' Report C99-10 Interim Report of the Proposed Consolidation of Housing Authorities. The City supports the consolidation of the three housing management bodies (Calhome Properties Ltd, Calgary Housing Authority, Metropolitan Calgary Foundation). A second alternative supported by The City would be to merge the first two bodies to form the Calgary Housing Corporation, and to leave Metropolitan Calgary Foundation as stand-alone.
15. 1999 May 21, Ministerial Order No. H:061/99 Deletes the previous Appendix of Metropolitan Calgary Foundation, as amended, with the new Appendix dated June 1, 1999.
16. 2001 January 22, C2001- 07 and C2001-10 Consolidation of Social Housing Delivery and Management in Calgary.
17. 2002 September, Ministerial Order No. H:028/2002 Government of Alberta, Department of Seniors Amends the establishing Order of the Metropolitan Calgary Foundation. Changes to Board structure and terms for members. Adds a Minister of Alberta Seniors' official to the composition. Minister of Seniors will review all Board member appointments before they are adopted by The City.
18. 2005 October 24 Council discontinued Aldermanic Representation and appointed an additional Administrative Representative instead.
19. 2007 May 18, Ministerial Order No. H:012/07 Deletes the previous Appendix of Metropolitan Calgary Foundation, as amended, with the new Appendix dated May 1, 2007. Amends the composition and appointment process for Board members. Removes a Minister of Alberta Seniors' official from the composition.
20. 2007 September 27, Ministerial Order No. H:020/07 An amendment to reflect the elimination of the province's role in reviewing members to the Metropolitan Calgary Foundation.
21. 2012 February The Metropolitan Calgary Foundation is conducting business under the name "Silvera for Seniors". An amendment to the Ministerial Order is pending.
22. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
23. 2015 April 01, Ministerial Order No. H:006/15 Amends name of Metropolitan Calgary Foundation to Silvera for Seniors. Replaces the appendix of Metropolitan Calgary Foundation, as amended.
24. 2015 October 19, Organizational Meeting of Council That Council request that Mayor Nenshi write a letter to The Honourable Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Seniors, confirming Council's support of Silvera for Seniors' requested amendment to Ministerial Order H:006/15, in order to increase the Members at Large on the Board from seven members to nine members.
25. 2016 August 15, Ministerial Order No. H:029/16 To increase the membership to 11 members and to replace the Appendix of Silvera for Seniors as amended
26. 2018 September 17, Ministerial Order No. H:008/18 Silvera for Seniors shall be governed by a board, comprised of a maximum of eleven (11) members appointed by Council of The City. The amendments are: (a) replace the Appendix of Silvera for Seniors, as amended, attached to Ministerial Order No. H:029/16. (b) replace the Schedule A of Silvera for Seniors, as amended, attached to Ministerial Order No. H:006/15.