McMahon Stadium Society

To operate, maintain and manage McMahon Stadium facilities for sports, recreational and other purposes. 
2 Members appointed by The City, Planning & Community Services, or Parks & Recreation
2 Members appointed by the University of Calgary
2 Members designated by the McMahons until the debentures issued by the University are paid; and then the two members shall be appointed by the other four members

The President & Vice-president shall be members of the Society, and shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary and Treasurer shall not be members of the Society, and both Offices may be held by one person.
1 year
Term Expiry Month:
Every 2 months
Day:   Not specified
Time:  Not specified
Location:  Board Room, McMahon Stadium
Not less than 1 member from each of the three classes of members.
Resource Staff:
Chesniak, Scott ()
Administrative Contact:
Scott Chesniak
McMahon Stadium
1817 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary AB T2M 4R6
Reports To:
SPC on Community and Protective Services

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   James McLaughlinMember appointed by The City20182021
   Kyle RipleyMember appointed by The City20162021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1960 May 02, Memorandum of Agreement Memorandum of Agreement between The City Of Calgary, Governors of the University of Alberta, and George & Frank McMahon. Formation of the McMahon Stadium Society. To finance, acquire lands and to construct McMahon Stadium. See page 12 of Agreement for membership terms.
2. 1960 August 12 Application for Incorporation as a Not-for-Profit under the Societies Act. Terms of reference and objectives.
3. 1981 January 12, L81-2. 1980 August 7, Special Resolution of the members of McMahon Stadium Society was forwarded to the SPC on Legislation for approval. Changes to bylaws required due to a change of name from University of Alberta, to University of Calgary.
4. 1986 January 20, FB86-15. That the Commissioner of Finance or his designate be appointed the City's representative on the McMahon Stadium Society (the second Representative being an Alderman)
5. 1990 July 23, Report of the Committee on Committees. Aldermanic representation to the Society is eliminated.
6. 1990 October 22, C90-89. To replace the Aldermanic representation removed in July, the second appointee for The City shall be: the Commissioner of Planning & Community Services OR the Director of Parks & Recreation.
7. 1992 October 26, C92-96 Directed the City Clerk to contact the McMahon Stadium Society requesting a change to its bylaws to permit The City to appoint one Commissioner (or his designate), and one citizen member.
8. 1995 April 03, N95-09. For the time being, the two City representatives will be two Commissioners or their designates.
9. 1999 October 04, C99-68. Implementation of Level 1 Corporate Restructuring has created the need for numerous bylaw amendments.
10. 2006 December 06, CPS2006-74 Terms and Conditions of the Operating Agreement with the McMahon Stadium Society.
11. 2007 January 08, CPS206-74 Operating Agreement with McMahon Stadium approved for four years and three months (with a five year renewal clause).