Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board

To hear and determine appeals of
- Licence and permit decisions made under the following bylaws:
   o The Alarm Services Bylaw
   o Bicycle Courier Licensing Bylaw
   o Business Licence Bylaw
   o Combative Sports Commission Bylaw
   o The Concert Bylaw
   o Dating and Escort Service Bylaw
   o Downtown Pushcart Vendor Licence Bylaw
   o Exotic Entertainers Bylaw
   o Extended Dance Event Bylaw
   o Livery Transport Bylaw
   o Massage Licence Bylaw
- Notices under the Weed Control Act
- Decisions of the Director, Water Resources under section 11 of the Lot Grading Bylaw
- Remedial orders
- Orders made under sections 545 and 546 of the Municipal Government Act
5 Members

Members of Council may not be appointed to the Board.

Public Members serving on The City of Calgary's Combative Sports Commission, or their immediate relatives, are ineligible to serve on the board.
1 year term - cumulative maximum of ten terms.

Any terms served by a member prior to January 1, 2017 are not included in the calculation of terms served.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:   Typically last Tuesday of month
Time:  9:00 AM
Location:  1st Floor, Hearing Room,
1212 31 Ave NE
Resource Staff:
Dengis, Nicole (403-268-5952)
Administrative Contact:
Nicole Dengis
Coordinator, Appeal Boards
4th floor, 1212 - 31 Avenue NE
Mail code #8110
Calgary AB T2E 7S8
Bus: 403-268-5952 Fax: 403-268-5982
Reports To:
Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Asad ChaudharyMember20142020
   Jennifer LewisMember20182020
   David OldringMember20162020
  Rick SmithMember20092020
Dylan SnowdonMember20102020

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1979 July 30, Commissioners' Report Recommendation to Establish an Appeal Committee.
2. 1979 September 24, L79-41 and Bylaw 39M79 To Establish a committee to be known as "License Appeal Committee". Housekeeping amendments to Bylaws 8637, 85/76, 91/77, 134/78 and 135/78.
3. 1981 September 14-15, L81-32 and Bylaw 40M81 Bylaw established to regulate and control burglary and robbery alarm systems and their permits.
4. 1982 November 29, Bylaw 53M82 To amend Bylaw 39M79. Composition decreased from 5 to 3 members. Quorum decreased from 3 to 2 members.
5. 1983 October 26, Bylaw 47M83 Repeals Bylaws 39M79 and 53M82. Name changed to "License Appeal Board". Membership is 5, quorum is 3.
6. 1984 January 23, L84-3, L84-4 and Bylaw 1M84 To Amend Bylaw 85/76. To require certain business licence applications to be accompanied by the approval of the Chief of Police. Other housekeeping amendments.
7. 1986 June 23, L86-30 Commissioner's Report to Legislation Committee with reference to The Municipal Government Act. That every Member of Council be appointed an ex-officio member of the License Appeal Board.
8. 1989 May 1, Bylaw 22M89 To amend the License Appeal Board Bylaw and the Taxi Business Bylaw, in regard to the appeal process.
9. 1989 September 5, C89-92 and Bylaw 40M89 To define "Ex-officio", "alternate" and "liaison" members on committees, with respect to voting/quorum. Amendment to the Procedure Bylaw.
10. 1990 July 23, Report by Committee on Committees Recommendation to streamline the License Appeal Board.
11. 1990 October 22, C90-87 Examines to what extent can the operations of the License, Litter, Parks Use, Special Needs Taxi Service and Weeds Appeal Boards be consolidated. Recommended streamlining instead of amalgamation, since the various appeal boards are mandated differently (Provincial legislation versus Council resolution)
12. 1994 December 19, Bylaw 70M94 To delegate appeals from certain enforcement orders (written orders) to the License Appeal Board.
13. 1995 June 26, OE96-23, OE96-24 and Bylaw 45M95 To regulate noise in The City of Calgary. Provisions made for enforcement, issuance or revocation of temporary permits.
14. 1997 December 15, FB97-68 and Bylaw 51M97 To license and regulate businesses. Comes into force 1998 September 28.
15. 1998 June 22, Bylaw 32M98 Bylaw comes into force on 1998 September 28. To License and Regulate Businesses.
16. 2003 October 20, Bylaw 41M2003 Aldermanic membership changed from "5" to "up to 5" members. To amend various bylaws relating to committees. Council adopted the Legislative Governance Review Audit Sub-Committee Report AGS2003-43 to revise Council's committee structure and membership
17. 2004 May 17, Bylaw 37M2004. To amend the License Appeal Board Bylaw 47M83 and the Community Standards Bylaw 5M2004. Provides flexibility in the appointment of Members of Council to the License Appeal Board. Also, if a formally appointed member is unable to attend a meeting, any Member of Council may attend under the ex-officio status.
18. 2005 May 16, N2005-13 and Bylaws 29M2005 and 47M83 Being a Bylaw of the City of Calgary Respecting the License Appeal Board. Affects citizen and Council Member composition. Council appointed 2 Aldermen and 3 Members of the public to the Board. An additional Alderman was appointed as first alternate. However, in the event that any appointed member of Council, or alternate, is not in attendance, then any other member of Council may sit as an ex-officio member of the Board.
19. 2006 March 30, LAB2006-03 To adopt a Procedure Manual for Hearings as an aid for the License Appeal Board members to deal with administrative and legal matters that affect the hearing process.
20. 2006 May 15, LAB2006-10 and Bylaw 30M2006 Amendment to License Appeal Board Bylaw 47M83: Modifies the types of decisions the Appeal Board has the authority to make. Allows 90 days for an appeal instead of 30 days.
21. 2007 April 23, LAV2007-04 and Bylaw 10M2007 Amend Bylaw 47M83 Delete "Chief Taxi Inspector" and substitute "Manager, Livery Transportation Services"
22. 2007 May 07, PAC2007-08 LAB/CSAB transfered to City Clerk's new Division "City Appeal Boards". Report required for 2007 Organizational Meeting LAB/CSAB.
23. 2007 October 23, Organizational Meeting Bylaw 48M2007 combined the License Appeal Board and the Community Standards Appeal Board.
24. 2011 September 19, C2011-75 Bylaw 50M2011 adopted. Bylaws 48M2007 and 70M94 repealed. Terms of Reference and member composition changes.
25. 2016 October 03, PFC2016-0771 and Bylaw 28M2016 To amend Bylaw 50M2011: to establish a 10-year limit for members of the Calgary LCSAB.
26. 2018 April 23, PFC2018-0444 Direct the City Clerk's Office to include the Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board in its annual BCC advertisement and recruitment campaign commencing in 2018 for appointments presented to the annual Organizational Meeting, with terms effective 2019 January 01.