Calgary Airport Authority

(a) To manage and operate the airports for which it is responsible in a safe, secure and efficient manner, and
(b) To advance economic and community development by means that include promoting and encouraging improved airline and transportation service and an expanded aviation industry,
For the general benefit of the public in its region. {Act, s.21}
Up to 11 Directors, Representing the Long Range Planning Committee of the Chamber of Commerce
3 Directors, Representing the City of Calgary
1 Director, Representing the M.D. of Rocky View No. 44
2 Directors, Representing the Government of Canada, Minister of Transport

The Board of Directors of the Authority shall consist of not fewer than nine (9) and not more than seventeen (17) qualified members representative of the Authority's region.

The Chamber of Commerce may appoint additional Directors provided that the maximum number of Directors on the Board shall not, at any time, exceed seventeen (17) and further that the City shall have the right to appoint 3 Directors, Rocky View shall have the right to appoint 1 Director and the Government of Canada shall have the right to appoint 2 Directors.

Directors must meet the guidelines listed in Section 14 of the Regional Airports Authorities Act.
4 year term - staggered

NOTE: A director who has served two (2) consecutive terms of office is not entitled:
(i) to serve a third consecutive term of office; or
(ii) to fill a vacancy on the Board with effect from any time before the expiry of the four (4) year term of office for which the director's immediate successor was appointed.
Term Expiry Month:
Annual Meeting
Day:   tba
Time:  tba
Location:  Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel
2008 Airport Road NE
a majority of the number of directors provided for in the articles {Act, s.17(1)}
Resource Staff:
Sartor, Robert ()
Administrative Contact:
Carmelle Hunka
General Counsel, VP Risk & Compliance, Corporate Secretary
Calgary Airport Authority
2000 Airport Road NE
Calgary AB T2E 6W5
Bus: 403 735 2197
Reports To:
Calgary Airport Authority

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Jina Abells MorissetteDirector, Representing the City of Calgary20202024
   Grant MacEachernDirector, Representing the City of Calgary20142022
   Lisa OldridgeDirector, Representing the City of Calgary20192023

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1989 August 18 Regional Airports Authorities Act.
2. 1994 March 07, C94-31 Council agree to act as an appointer for the Calgary Airport Authority pursuant to the Regional Airports Authorities Act. Appointment of three Directors, effective as of the date the Order-in-Council gives effect to the amendment to the Articles of the Authority authorizing The City to appoint three Directors to the Board of the Calgary Airport Authority.
3. 1994 May 11, Order in Council by the Lieutenant Governor. Giving effect to the Resolutions amending the Articles of Incorporation of the Calgary Airport Authority (Articles, dated 1994, April 08).