Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Represent the national interest of local governments in Canada and act as the spokesman for Canadian cities, towns and municipal authorities on all such matters as are properly within the jurisdiction of the Government of Canada and Inter-Provincial Institutions. 
1 President
1 1st Vice-President
1 2nd Vice-President
1 3rd Vice-President
1 Past President
1 Director from Nunavut
1 Director from the Northwest Territories
1 Director from the Yukon Territory
2 Directors from Prince Edward Island
3 Directors from Newfoundland and Labrador
3 Directors from New Brunswick
4 Directors from Nova Scotia
5 Directors from Saskatchewan
5 Directors from Manitoba
7 Directors from Alberta
8 Directors from British Columbia
12 Directors from Quebec
15 Directors from Ontario
Non-Board Member
Board Member

There shall be seven (7) directors representing Alberta, one (1) appointed by each of its Affiliate Members (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties), one (1) appointed by the City of Calgary and one (1) appointed by the City of Edmonton. One (1) of the remaining three directors will hold municipal office in a Municipal Member district recognized as rural (counties, municipal districts and specilized municipalities). The remaining two (2) directors shall hold municipal office in a Municipal Member (other than Calgary or Edmonton) recognized as urban (cities, towns, villages and special municipalities).
1 year term

Term from the Annual General Meeting to the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Term Expiry Month:
Annual Convention (time and place determined by the Executive Committee)
3 Meetings/annually called by the President
Location:  To Be Announced
25 Municipal and/or Affiliate members
Resource Staff:
Mercure, Tania (613-241-5221)
Administrative Contact:
Tania Mercure (Corporate Secretary)
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
24 Clarence Street
Ottawa ON K1N 5P3
Bus: 613-241-5221 Fax: 613-241-7440
E-mail: tmercure@fcm.ca
Reports To:
Priorities & Finance Committee (PFC)
Federation of Canadian Municipalities

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
  Councillor Evan WoolleyBoard Member20202021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1992 October 27, Resolution of Council Delegates to the FCM are by nomination. During the AGM those delegates who wish to have their names stand as candidates are voted on. The delegates with the most votes then become elected to the FCM Board of Directors.
2. 1992 October 27, Motion Arising Alderman Longstaff's name was put forward as an additional nominee.
3. 2001 June 04, FCM Bylaws
4. 2002 June 04, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Bylaws Update to Bylaws of 2001
5. 2004 May 06, FCM Election Procedures
6. 2005 February 14, Notice of Motion (Alderman Ceci) The City of Calgary formally requests 2 permanent seats on the FCM Board - one for the City of Calgary and one for the City of Edmonton.
7. 2005 June 05, FCM Bylaws Update to Bylaws
8. 2005 October 17, IGA2005-20, 21 e22 Appoint IGA members in conjunction with AUMA, CRP and FCM appointments.
9. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force. To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".