Citizen-Led Selection Committee for the Integrity Commissioner

Terms of Reference
The purpose of the committee is to select an Integrity Commissioner for The City of Calgary to assist Council in enhancing the openness, transparency and accountability of its decision making.

Specific responsibilities of the committee include:
- Review and consider applications from the recruitment process;
- Create an interview list of applicants who meet the minimum established selection criteria based on qualifications and competencies, and candidate suitability;
- Interview applicants; and
- Recommend to Council the appointment of the selected candidate for Integrity Commissioner.
2 Citizen members
1 Citizen member who is a former Member of Calgary City Council

Term set to expire on the day of the appointment of an Integrity Commissioner
Term Expiry Month:
At the call of the Chair
Location:  Municipal Complex
Greater than 50% of voting members, that is, two (2) voting members
Resource Staff:
Legislative Advisors, City Clerk's Office (403-268-5861)
Administrative Contact:
May Ann Cario (Legislative Coordinator)
City Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 2100 Stn M
Mail Code 8007
Calgary AB T2M 2P5
Bus: (403) 268-3743
Reports To:
Priorities and Finance Committee

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
Denise BodnarykCitizen member2020N/A
  David HolubCitizen member2020N/A
   Richard PootmansCitizen, former Member of Calgary City Council2020N/A

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2020 March 16, C2020-0378 Appointment of Council members and senior administration to the search committee for the Integrity Commissioner.
2. 2020 May 25, C2020-0598 That the establishment of Terms of Reference for the Selection Committee for the Integrity Commissioner, be referred to Administration for establishment of a citizen-led committee structure that is arms-length from Council, in line with the independent Ward Boundary Review and Council Compensation Review. Administration to report back as soon as possible.
3. 2020 June 15, PFC2020-0665 1. Reconsider its motion of 2020 March 16 which created a Selection Committee for the Integrity Commissioner comprised of Members of Council; 2. Approve the Terms of Reference for the Citizen-Led Selection Committee for the Integrity Commissioner; 3. Appoint public members to the Committee.