Beltline Business Improvement Area

(a) improving, beautifying and maintaining property in the Business Improvement Area;
(b) developing, improving and maintaining public parking within or adjacent to the Business Improvement Area; and
(c) promoting the Business Improvement Area as a business or shopping area.
Not less than 6 and not more than 12 Board members

The Board must consist of individuals who have been nominated by one or more taxpayers in the BIA as defined in section 1(e) of the Business Improvement Area Regulation, Alta. Reg. 93/2016.
2 year term; appointed by resolution of Council.

When a vacancy occurs on the Board, the Board may appoint an individual to fill that office for the remainder of the former member's term. Such interim appointments shall not require the further approval of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Resource Staff:
Urlacher, Adrian ()
Administrative Contact:
Adrian Urlacher
Beltline Business Improvement Area
Reports To:
Priorities and Finance Committee
Beltline BIA

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Andrew BrassardBoard member20192021
   Amanda De Los ReyesBoard member20192021
   William Douglas HamiltonBoard member20192021
   Trevor KulykBoard member20192021
   Bill OverendBoard member20202021
   Spencer SchmikBoard member20202021
   Rob SwiderskiBoard member20192021
   Shaun SyverstenBoard member20202021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2019 September 30, CPS2019-1039 and Bylaw 34M2019 The report and Bylaw to establish the Beltline Business Improvement Area was referred by Council to Administration, to work in collaboration with the Area Councillors, for verification and communication to businesses.
2. 2019 October 21, C2019-1340 Establishment of the Beltline Business Improvement Area and appointment of the interim Beltline BIA board until an Annual General Meeting is held by Q1 2020.