Calgary Sports & Major Events Committee

The vision for the Calgary Sport & Major Events Committee (CSME), working with other key organizations in Calgary, is to win bids for and attract major sports, recreation and cultural events to generate incremental economic and social benefits for sport, culture, tourism, and the broader community.

CSME's role is to provide strategic direction, advice, and due diligence in the proactive process of evaluating and attracting major sports and culture events for the city of Calgary. Based on event selection priorities and criteria, developed by CSME, members will evaluate and recommend bid programs and events for potential investment. Members will be expected to contribute through key advocacy and communication channels within the community; promote and support the initiatives of the CSME.
8 to 14 Public Members
2 City Observers (non-voting)

Members will have a combination of recognized leadership dimensions and demonstrated or potential expertise of skill in areas including but not limited to:
- private sector leadership
- corporate economics
- marketing and sponsorship
- public engagement and community impact
- stakeholder and government relations
- board and institutional governance
- security and risk management
- venue and facility management
- transportation and accommodation
- legacy planning and implementation
- sport sector, cultural sector and creative industries governance
- athlete and artist services
two-year term - staggered; maximum of three terms

If City Council appoints an individual who has previously served on the Calgary Sport Tourism Authority, such person(s) shall be allowed to serve for a maximum of 3 years (an initial one-year term, and if appointed, a subsequent two-year term).
Term Expiry Month:
Half (50%) of the members active at the time the meeting is scheduled (vacancies are not included).
Resource Staff:
Administrative Contact:
Reports To:
Tourism Calgary and Council

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Ian AllisonMember20182022
   Cheryl BernardMember20202022
   Mike FrancoMember20202022
   Bill GrayMember20182021
   Bob HamiltonMember20182021
   Dale HenwoodMember20182021
   Chethan LakshmanMember20202022
   Karen MacNeillMember20182022
   Andy McCreathMember20182022
   Rod McKayMember20182021
   Duncan MelvilleMember20192021
   Vicki ReidMember20182022
   Brad RobertsonMember20182021
   Mary Rozsa de CoquetMember20182022

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2005 May The City of Calgary recommended the implementation of the "Calgary Sport Tourism Authority (CSTA)".
2. 2018 May 28, CPS2018-0546 The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services recommend that Council: 1) Approve the Calgary Sport & Major Events Committee Terms of Reference; and 2) Direct Administration to work with Tourism Calgary to bring a recommended slate of committee members for appointment to the Calgary Sport and Major Events Committee for Council's consideration no later than Q2 2018.
3. 2018 July 30, C2018-0950 1) Approve the appointment of the nominees put forward by Tourism Calgary for appointment to the Calgary Sports & Major Events; 2) Approve the removal of the Calgary Sports & Major Events committee from: (a) City Clerk's advertisement and recruitment process for Boards, Commissions and Committees; and (b) The 2018 October 30 Organizational Meeting of Council appointment process; 3) Direct that future appointments be brought to the annual Organizational Meeting of Council.