Pathways and Bikeways Project Steering Committee

The vision of the updated Calgary Pathways and Bikeways Plan is a seamless network that connects people to the places they want to go, provides for safe, continuous, and efficient non-motorized options, creates recreational opportunities, and supports active transportation.

The goal of the project is to incorporate new policy plans, establish new criteria for route planning, publish an interactive map online and develop a 10-year construction list.

The Pathways and Bikeways Project Steering Committee provides oversight to the project and directed the vision and terms of reference .
1 Councillor-at-Large
1 Member of Council - inner ward
1 Member of Council - outer ward
Representative from the Mayor's Office
Director, Transportation Planning - Chair
Manager, Liveable Streets Division - Chair Proxy
Director, Roads
Director, Transportation Infrastructure
Director, Parks
Director, Corporate Analytics and Innovation
Project Manager, Pathway Bikeway Plan

Term Expiry Month:
Greater than 50%
Resource Staff:
Administrative Contact:
Reports To:
Pathway and Bikeway Plan

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
  Councillor Diane Colley-UrquhartCouncillor-at-Large20202021
  Councillor Druh FarrellMember of Council - inner ward20182021
  Councillor Jyoti GondekMember of Council - outer ward20202021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2014 November 03, TT2014-0686 Council (1) adopted the Pathway and Bikeway Plan Framework; and (2) requested that the City Clerk circulate Members of Council for interest in serving on the Steering Committee.
2. 2014 November 17, C2014-0923 (verbal) Council appointed 2 Councillors to the Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Steering Committee.
3. 2018 March 19, C2018-0222 (1) Appointment of a Councillor to fill the current vacancy resulting from the retirement of a Councillor; and (2) Direct Administration to align the Pathways and Bikeways Project Steering Committee with The City of Calgary's Boards, Commissions and Committees to facilitate the appointment of Members of Council during the annual Organizational Meeting.
4. 2019 October 28, Organizational Meeting Amend the Terms of Reference to add an additional position for a Councillor-at-Large