Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation

To implement and administer the Attainable Home Ownership Program by providing stewardship of lands, management of financial resources, leadership to the private sector and attracting and educating potential homeowners. 
1 Mayor, Director
1 Member of City Council, as nominated by the Calgary Housing Company, in the role as representative member, Calgary Housing Company
7 Citizens Directors of the Board

Minimum of 1, maximum of 11

The directors are appointed annually at the annual general meeting of the shareholder.
3 year term - staggered

Directors may serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms (6 years maximum).

Representatives from Calgary City Council may serve as members as long as they are on Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Resource Staff:
Gonzalez, Ileana (403-265-9981)
Administrative Contact:
Ileana Gonzalez (Executive Assistant)
Attainable Homes Calgary
610, 940 - 6 Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2P 3T1
Bus: 403-265-9981
Reports To:
Attainable Homes Calgary

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
  Mayor Naheed NenshiDirector, Mayor2010N/A
   Mavin GillDirector2020N/A
   John KozoleDirector2020N/A
  Robin LokhorstDirector2017N/A
   Barb RichardsonDirector2019N/A
   Melanie RossDirector2019N/A
   Jaydan TaitPresident and CEO2019N/A
   Ken ToewsDirector2019N/A
   Gerry WagnerDirector2019N/A
   Fraser de WalleDirector2019N/A
  Councillor Jyoti GondekDirector, Member of Council20192021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2009 May 25, M2009-04 Direct Administration to work with the Mayor to establish a Special Purpose Entity with an independent Board of Directors to implement the Attainable Homeownership Program and develop principles to comply with the affordable housing provision in Bill 41.
2. 2009 July 27, M2009-06 Special Purpose Entity formed, consisting of 5 members including a Chair. Appoint the Mayor and Chair of the Calgary Housing Company Board to serve on the Board as directors for the Special Purpose Entity. The Mayor and Chairs appoint the remaining two(2) Directors to the Board.
3. 2009 November 27 Certificate of Incorporation for "Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation"
4. 2009 November 30 and December 01, M2009-10 Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation 2010 Business Plan
5. 2009 November 30 and December 01, M2009-11 To seek approval for establishing financing arrangements and the transfer of City owned sites to AHCC, such that it is able to enable AHCC to meet its objective set out by Council.
6. 2012 September 17, Confirmed Minutes of the AHCC Shareholder meeting Amendment to Appendix A of the AHCC Business Plan dated November 30, 2009. The amendment provides that any Member from Calgary City Council, as nominated by the Calgary Housing Company, in their role as representative member, Calgary Housing Company will be an AHCC Director of the Board. Amendment to AHCC By-Law No. 1 changing the number of Directors from 1 - 5 members to 1 - 7 members.
7. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force. To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".