Urban Design Review Panel

Terms of Reference
The Urban Design Review Panel's mandate is to provide independent, professional design advice, from an urban design and architecture perspective, on public and private development and major redevelopment proposals through pre-application enquiries development permit applications and development liaisons on sites citywide with significant impact on the public realm. 
5 Architect members of the Alberta Association of Architects
3 Members of the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects
2 Members of the Alberta Professional Planners Institute
2 Members of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta

Members shall have demonstrated expertise in urban design. Additional attributes (not limited to):
- Experience indicating applicants who are leaders in their professions
- Experience in delivering high quality design outcomes
- Experience in large-scale development
- Expertise in high-rise design, commercial building design, civic building design, accessible design or sustainable design

Annual vacancies are included in the City Clerk's Office recruitment and advertising campaign.
Non-binding nominations are accepted from the following organizations, with no obligation by Council to appoint any of the Panel positions from within these groups:
- Alberta Association of Architects
- Alberta Association of Landscape Architects
- Alberta Professional Planners Institute
- Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta
- BILD Calgary Region
- NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
- Other stakeholder industries
2 years term, maximum of 3 terms - staggered
Term Expiry Month:
Day:   Wednesday
Time:  1:15 pm
Location:  Inglewood Boardroom - Floor 3 D3-8

NOTE: Meetings are not available to the general public.
The quorum of a full Panel meeting is a majority of the full Panel membership (greater than 50%).

The members of the Panel may conduct meetings in sub-panels of six members, so long as the sub-panels have appropriately balanced expertise.
Quorum for a sub-panel is a majority of the sub-panel membership (greater than 50%. E.g.: for a sub-panel of 6 members, quorum is 4).
Resource Staff:
Down, David ((403)268-5468)
Administrative Contact:
Dawn Clarke
Urban Design Review Panel
800 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-2402
E-mail: dawn.clarke@calgary.ca
Reports To:
Corporate Planning Applications Group
Urban Design

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Ben BaileyMember, Alberta Professional Planners Institute20182021
  Chris HardwickeMember, Alberta Professional Planners Institute; Co-Chair20172022
   Jeff LynessMember, Alberta Association of Architects20202021
   Gary MundyMember, Alberta Association of Architects20172021
   Glen PardoeMember, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta20172021
  Chad RussillMember, Alberta Association of Architects; Chair20162022
   Beverly SandalackMember, Alberta Association of Landscape Architects20182022
   Michael SydenhamMember, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta20182022
   Jack VanstoneMember, Alberta Association of Landscape Architects20202021
   Noorullah Hussain ZadaMember, Alberta Association of Architects20202021
   Anna LawrenceMember, Alberta Association of Landscape Architects20202022
   Katherine RobinsonMember, Alberta Association of Architects20202022

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2002 June 17, CPC Report M-2002-011 Established the Urban Design Panel for East Village
2. 2004 September 13, Bylaw 23P2004 with report C2004-37 Established the Urban Design Review Panel, for a three-year trial period. Terms of Reference
3. 2005 October 24, C2005-73 Increased membership number by 2 (one from AALA, and one from CIP). Term changed to 2 years staggered.
4. 2006 July 24, APA2006-20 East Village Urban Design Review Panel disbanded. Any further applications received will be forwarded to the Urban Design Review Panel for consideration.
5. 2007 October 23, C2007-71 Urban Design Review Panel given permanent status by Council
6. 2011 October 24, Communication (i) Staggered Terms: - appoint 2 non-binding nominations from Alberta Assoc. of Architects (AAA) for 1 year term; - appoint 2 non-binding nominations from AAA for 2 year term; - appoint 1 non-binding nomination from Canadian Institute of Planners for a 2 year term.
7. 2017 July 24, PUD2017-0601 (1) Approve the revised Terms of Reference for the Urban Design Review Panel; (2) Receive the revised Urban Design Review Protocol and revised Implementation Plan for information; and (3) That Council direct Administration to bring back a Report, through the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development, that identifies and evaluates what, if any, design gaps currently exist in new outline plans, and determine, in conjunction with the development industry and stakeholders, how best to address that gap, and redundancies that may exist among the organizational bodies involved in the review process, no later than 2019 Q1.
8. 2017 October 31, Organizational Meeting That the current appointments remain and that Council refer the appointment process to the Mayor to consult with Administration and interested members of Council to return to Council no later than 2017 December with a proposed slate of candidates.
9. 2018 January 29, VR2018-0002 That the Terms of Reference be amended by adding an Adjunct Member to the category of 'Alberta Association of Architects' for a one year term.
10. 2018 March 23, C2018-0163 That the Terms of Reference be amended by removing the position for the Adjunct Member, representing the Alberta Association of Architects.
11. 2019 October 28, Organizational Meeting Council adopted the following: (1) That the incumbents remain appointed for one more year; (2) That Administration extend the recruitment to Professional organizations to fill the remaining vacancies; and (3) That Administration amend the Terms of Reference to allow for an enhanced recruitment of Calgarians, with a report due to the SPC on Planning and Urban Development by Q2 2020.
12. 2020 July 20, PUD2020-0978 Terms of Reference amended to respond to Council's direction for an "enhanced recruitment of Calgarians". Including non-binding nominations, as well as candidates from the annual Boards, Commissions and Committees recruitment campaign, will improve the quantity and diversity of applications, by increasing public awareness of opportunities to volunteer, while also drawing on industry expertise and input.