Calgary Downtown Association Business Improvement Area

(a) improving, beautifying and maintaining property in the BIA;
(b) developing, improving and maintaining public parking within or adjacent to the BIA; and
(c) promoting the BIA as a business or shopping area.
Maximum of 12 Members

Members of the Board shall be appointed by resolution of Council.

The Board must consist of individuals who have been nominated by one or more taxpayers in the BIA as defined in s.1(e) of the Business Improvement Area Regulation, Alta. Reg. 93/2016.
3 year term - staggered
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  4th Tuesday
Time:  8:00 am
Location:  Various locations
Resource Staff:
Calhoun, Shannon (403-215-1570)
Rempel, Jennifer ()
Administrative Contact:
Shannon Calhoun (Executive Assistant)
The Edison Building
150, 9 Avenue SW, Suite 1440
Calgary AB T2P 3H9
Bus: 403-215-1570
Reports To:
Priorities & Finance Committee (PFC)
Calgary Downtown Association BIA

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Mark AshtonDirector20192022
   Suzanne BadenDirector20152019
   Ramona BiggarDirector20172022
Colton Harding LewisDirector20182020
   Matt LuikDirector20182020
   Katherine RubinDirector20192022
  Eileen StanDirector20172022

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1988, November 28, OD88-104 and Bylaw 33M88 To establish the Calgary Downtown Business Revitalization Zone.
2. 1994 April 25, OE94-27 and Bylaw 17M94 Amends Bylaw 33M88 - Name change to "Calgary Downtown Association (A Business Revitalization Zone)".
3. 1994 December 09, Ministerial Order # L:438/94 in the matter of the Municipal Government Act Section 53 and Section 381 revisions to include The Business Revitalization Zone Regulation.
4. 1997 May 05, C97-25 and Bylaw 14M97 To amend the Barclay Mall Bylaw (17M84) and the Stephen Avenue Mall Bylaw (52M87) - To reflect an operating agreement signed between The City and the Downtown Association for the operation of these 2 malls.
5. 1998 April 15, Management and Operating Agreement Agreement between the City of Calgary and the Calgary Downtown Association BRZ. The Calgary Downtown Association shall act as the Manager and Operator of the two pedestrian malls: Stephen Avenue Mall and Barclay Mall.
6. 1997 May 05, C97-25 and Bylaw 17M97 To amend Bylaw 17M84 the Barclay Mall Bylaw and Bylaw 52M87, the Stephen Avenue Mall Bylaw
7. 1997 July 14, N97-17 Disbanding of Stephen Avenue Board and of Barclay Mall Advisory Committee.
8. 2003 September 08, AGS2003-43 Reduces Council membership from 2 members to 0 member.
9. 2003 October 20, Bylaw 41M2003 To amend various bylaws relating to committees. Housekeeping amendment regarding the number of BRZ's, and also amends the number of Directors on each Board.
10. 2004 June 21, CPS2004-45 Approve the 'Working Relationship Model' between the BRZs and The City of Calgary; and implement the preliminary 'Action Plan'.
10. 2005 January 24, CPS2005-02 Update report on the work and relationships with the Business Revitalization Zones groups; and approval of the 'Action Plan and Implementation Strategy'.
11. 2008 January 01 Operating contract for Stephen Avenue Mall and Barclay Mall for the period of 2004 January 01 to 2010 December 31.
12. 2012 September 10, NM2012-38 Notice of Motion: Administration to provide an overview of the current state of municipal support for BRZ development in Calgary, research municipal best practices, and recommend options for consideration to better support existing BRZs, encourage innovation, and foster the creation of new BRZs.
13. 2014 January 13, PFC2013-0819 Direct Administration to complete Phase 2 of the BRZ review process and report back to Council through the Priorities and Finance Committee with a 2015-2018 BRZ business plan to support BRZ development.
14. 2014 November 03, PFC2014-0760 Business Revitalization Zones 2015-2018 Business Plan.
15. 2016 July 01, Alberta Regulation 93/2016 Municipal Government Act | Business Improvement Area Regulation comes into force.
16. 2016 November 28, CPS2016-0826 and Bylaw 53M2016 To amend Bylaw 33M88, to increase the board size.
17. 2017 November 13, CPS2017-0647 and Bylaw 38M2017 To continue the 'Calgary Downtown Association (a Business Revitalization Zone)' as the 'Calgary Downtown Association Business Improvement Area', and to repeal Bylaw 33M88.