East Paskapoo Slopes Joint Advisory Committee

The committee's purpose is to review and comment on development proposals in East Paskapoo Slopes. The committee's operation will be a continuation of the process which accompanied the preparation of the East Paskapoo Plan, except that the focus at this stage will be on the implementation of approved policy. 
1 Representative from Landowners of the subject property and other landowners within the East Paskapoo Slopes ASP Area
1 Representative from Calgary Olympic Development Association (CODA)
1 Representative from Coach Hill/Patterson Heights Community Association
1 Representative from East Springbank Community Association
1 Representative from Edworthy Park Heritage Society
1 Representative from Paskapoo Slopes Preservation Society
1 Representative from Calgary West Alberta Special Places Committee
1 Planning & Transportation Policy City staff (chair)

City staff from Planning Transportation Policy, Parks Development and Operation, Urban Development, and possibly other business units, will act as resources to the committee.
Term Expiry Month:
On receipt of an outline plan and/or land use amendment application,
staff from Planning & Transportation Policy will convene a meeting
Location:  Not Specified
Resource Staff:
Hall, John W. (403-268-2896)
Administrative Contact:
Planning & Transportation Policy
Reports To:
Calgary Planning Commission

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Mark SasgesPlanning & Transportation City staff20192021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2001 May 14, E2001-10 Terms of Reference adopted.
2. 2013 September 16, PUD2013-0632 Council direct Administration to report back to SPC on Planning and Urban Development with proposed amendments to the Terms of Reference for the East Paskapoo Slopes Joint Advisory Committee, if required.