Calgary Housing Company

Calgary Housing Company (CHC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the City of Calgary. CHC's mandate is the management of housing units and programs to provide affordable housing options to Calgarians. As the largest landlord in Calgary, CHC manages the rentals for approximately 10,000 households serving 24,000 citizens. 
Up to 3, but no less than 2 Members of Council
The Director of Calgary Neighbourhoods, or successor business unit of The City of Calgary
The City Treasurer of The City of Calgary
Up to 8, but no less than 6 Citizen Representatives

The Chair and the Vice-Chair shall be elected from amongst the directors.

The President of the Corporation shall be the Director of the Calgary Housing business unit of The City of Calgary or successor business unit of The City of Calgary.
All directors shall be elected for an initial three year term, after which, at the option of the shareholder, any such directors may be elected for further three-year terms.

Directors who are not members of Council or City of Calgary employees are eligible to serve on the Board for a maximum of nine consecutive years.

The election of all directors shall be by resolution at a shareholder meeting.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  Fourth Friday
Time:  9:30 a.m.
Location:  Legal Traditions Committee Room
Fourth Floor, City Hall
Majority of the Directors
Eligibility Information:
Member Recruitment Profile
Resource Staff:
Woodgate, Sarah (587-390-1200)
Administrative Contact:
Sarah Woodgate (Director of Calgary Housing, The City of Calgary)
President of Calgary Housing Company
City of Calgary
P.O. Box 2100, Station M, Mail Code #21
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 587-390-1200
Reports To:
Calgary Housing Company

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   William BridgeCitizen Representative20192022
   Brian CallaghanCitizen Representative20182021
   Peter CheungCitizen Representative20142020
   Travis MoirCitizen Representative20192022
   Murray TaitCitizen Representative20142020
   Sue TomneyCitizen Representative20182021
   Jeremy VillasCitizen Representative20162022
   Doug WatsonCitizen Representative20182021
  Councillor Jeromy FarkasMember of Council20172021
 Councillor Druh FarrellMember of Council20162021
   Aaron BrownManager Treasury2019N/A
   Melanie HulskerDirector of Calgary Neighbourhoods2018N/A

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1978 February 27, Bylaw 50/78 To establish a non-profit municipal housing corporation: "The City of Calgary Housing Corporation". Bylaw includes the proposed Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. Incorporation date is June 16, 1978.
2. 1983 April 13 Legal change of name to "Calhome Properties Ltd."
3. 1983 July 25, CHPL83-30 Increase to the numbers of Board members, and to quorum. Special Resolution to Bylaws amending the Articles of Association to reflect the changes.
4. 1983 October 19, Special Resolution of Calhome Properties Ltd. Resolution passed at shareholders meeting on July 26, 1983. Filed with Registries on October 24. Amends the number of Directors and the Quorum.
5. 1984 October 15 Business Corporations Act General Bylaws.
6. 1985 January 28, CHPL85-3 Amendment to General Bylaws of the Corporation (Signing of Minutes, Election of President, Fixing an error to quorum).
7. 1985 October 02, CHPL86-3 Calhome Properties Ltd. Company Synopsis
8. 1987 October 26, CW-2 Motion Arising requesting an amendment to Bylaws to reduce the Aldermanic representation on Calhome Properties Ltd. to three (3).
9. 1988 June 27, NM88-35 Motion that the Procedure Bylaw be circulated to all Autonomous bodies with the suggestion that these bodies adopt it for the conduct of their meetings.
10. 1988 June 27, NM88-34 Council establish an ad hoc committee to develop a code of ethics for the use of Council and Council-appointed autonomous bodies.
11. 1990 July 24, 23-90-171 Final Report Committee on Committees: For Calhome Properties Ltd, the aldermanic representation remains the same.
12. 1994 July 26, CHPL94-53 Adjustment to Board composition.
13. 1998 July 27, C98-53 Details of the consolidation of Calgary Housing Management Bodies.
14. 2000 January 24, C2000-05 and Bylaw 1M2000 Implementation of Level I Corporate Restructuration.
15. 2001 February 26, CHPL2001-09 Consolidation of Social Housing Delivery and Management, new CHPL Board structure.
16. 2001 February 26, Shareholders' Resolution Name change from Calhome Properties Ltd. to Calgary Housing Company. Also increases the number of Directors of the Corporation to fifteen (15).
17. 2001 April 01, Ministerial Order No. H:17/2001 Government of Alberta Department of Seniors Transferring all housing accomodation and property/assets of Calhome Properties Ltd. to the Calgary Housing Company. Rescinds Ministerial Order No. H:022/96.
18. 2002 July 25, CHC2002-38 Roles of the CHC Board, Board members, and City Council.
19. 2002 July 25, CHC2002-39 Roles of the Board Chair & Vice-Chair, and a Board member code of conduct.
20. 2005 April 22, CHC2005-19 Report of the Governance Task Force: Amendment of Corporate Bylaws pertaining to the appointment of the Corporate Secretary. Deleted the City Clerk serving as Corporate Secretary to the Board.
21. 2006 February 13, AC2006-03 Update to the maximum number of terms served by members on the 5 Autonomous Civic Entities. Maximum of 9 consecutive years.
22. 2010 May 17, CHC2010-17 Changes to by-laws of Calhome to implement new corporate vision of Calhome Properties Ltd. (CHC)
23. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
24. 2015 March 30, Annual Shareholder Meeting Amended and Restated By-Law No.1, a by-law relating generally to the transaction of the business and affairs of Calhome Properties Ltd. Signed Unanimous Shareholder Agreement of the Shareholder, The City of Calgary, with respect to the business and affairs of Calhome Properties Ltd.