Calgary Economic Development Ltd.

Calgary Economic Development is the "hands on" "on the ground" organization responsible for undertaking business development activities such as:
- business development for both existing and new businesses
- investment attraction
- client service / point of contact / "account management"
- industry development strategy implementation (eg international market entry)
- coordinating seed funding programs for new initiatives
- developing a rolling 3 year Business Development Strategy
- over-all hosting of in-bound trade delegations
- housing specific delivery functions such as Sister Cities and Calgary Film Commission.

The Office is responsible for developing long term Economic Development Strategy.

Provides advice to City Council and Administration on the alignment of resource requests from authorities with City funding to the overall Economic Development Strategy
1 Member of Council, whose term is effective at the first CED meeting following the Organizational meeting of Council
16 Directors, appointed at the Annual General Meeting of Calgary Economic Development Ltd.

The CED Corporate Governance and Effectiveness Committee is in charge with the execution of the recruitment process to the Board, per the Recruitment Procedure.

Directors are elected at each CED AGM of the Shareholder.
Council appointment will be confirmed at that time.

All other Board Members are appointed by Calgary Economic Development, not through Organizational Meeting.
1 year term, unless elected for a longer term.
Term Expiry Month:
6 times per year
Day:  TBA
Time:  TBA
Location:  To be decided
50% + 1
Resource Staff:
Moran, Mary (403-221-7831)
Administrative Contact:
Kristine Trudel
Calgary Economic Development
Bus: 403-767-1337
Reports To:
Calgary Economic Development
Formerly the Business Development Agency (BDA) and Promoting Calgary Inc.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Shannon Bowen-SmedDirector2017N/A
   Trent EdwardsDirector2017N/A
   David RossDirector2017N/A
   Lori CaltagironeDirector2017N/A
   Charles DuncanDirector2019N/A
   Katherine EmberlyDirector2019N/A
   Judy FairburnDirector2019N/A
   Catherine GillespieDirector2019N/A
   Robert HayesDirector2019N/A
  Joe LougheedDirector2019N/A
   John OslerDirector2019N/A
   Andrea WhyteDirector2019N/A
  Councillor Jeff DavisonMember of Council20172021
   David DuckworthCity Manager2019N/A

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1999 March 22, C99-17 Promotional Agencies Reorganization of Calgary's Promotional Agencies (Calg Convention Centre Authority, Calg Convention & Vistors Bureau, Transportation & Industry Development, Calgary Research & Development Authority)
2. 1999 July 5, Alberta Registries. Articles of Incorporation for Promoting Calgary
3. 1999 October 04, Bylaw 42M99 with Report C99-68 and Bylaws 43M99, 52M99, 54M99. Implementation of Level 1 (senior administration)Corporate Restructuring. Bylaw 42M99 repeals the Board of Commissioners Bylaw. 43M99 provides for the Execution of Contracts. 53 and 54M99 are housekeeping amendments to various Bylaws to reflect the Administration restructuring.
4. 1999 October 25, N99-27. Administration and Council Appointments to Calgary Inc.
5. 1999 July 8, Enacted by the Director(s) July 8, 1999. Confirmed by the Shareholder(s) July 8, 1999 Bylaw # 1 Relating to the transaction of the business and affairs of Promoting Calgary Inc. Bylaw # 2 Authorizing the Directors to borrow and give security on behalf of Promoting Calgary Inc. (The Corporation)
6. 2000, September 25 Request by Calgary Inc. To increase membership of Board of Directors by adding two additional appointees.
7. 2002 29 April, C2002-40. Recommendations on Promoting Calgary Inc's structure and direction
8. 2002 October 21, Communication (l) Report of the Project Team on Promoting Calgary Inc. Sketches out the vision, mandate, organization and governance models of the Business Development Agency, the Office of Economic Development Policy & Coordination and the Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC)
9. 2002 December 2. CPS2002-82. Funding for the restructuring of Promoting Calgary Inc.
10. 2002 December 16, N2002-40. Retiring the Board of Directors for Promoting Calgary Inc, and appointing the new Board of Directors for the Business Development Agency. Interim Chair of the board is established. Name change from Business Development Agency to "ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CALGARY (CED)"
11. 2003, March 31 Supplemental Mayor's Report and Executive Report C2003-26. Office of Economic Development Policy & Coordination to be set up over next 12 months. Membership to Economic Development Advisoy Council (EDAC) is identified. EDAC to be fully established by 2003 May.
12. 2005 CED AGM held 2006 May 1 Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
13. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force. To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".