Assessment Review Board

To hear complaints against assessment and taxation matters received by the City Clerk pursuant to Section 460 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

"Assessment Review Board" means the Local Assessment Review Board and Composite Assessment Review Board established by sections 2(1) and 3(1) of Bylaw 15M2018
Members (Citizens)
General Chairman (Citizen)
Provincial Member appointed by the Minister (CARB only)

A member of the Local Assessment Review Board and a member, other than a provincial member, of the Composite Assessment Review Board shall not serve more than a cumulative maximum of twelve terms.

Any terms served by a member prior to April 1, 2017 are not included in the calculation of terms served.
The members of the Local Assessment Review Board and the members, other than provincial members, of the Composite Assessment Review Board shall hold office for a twelve-month term commencing on January 1st and ending on December 31st.
Term Expiry Month:
Daily, beginning in April
Day:   Monday to Friday
Time:  Morning Session at 9:00 am
Afternoon Session at 1:30 pm
Location:  Assessment Review Board
4th Floor, 1212 31 Avenue NE (T2E 7S8)
Resource Staff:
Woo, Tanya (403-268-5901)
Administrative Contact:
Tanya Woo (Coordinator, Assessment Review Board)
PO Box 2100 Stn M
Mail Code #8110
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-5901
Reports To:
Assessment Review Board

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Helen AngResident of Calgary20102020
   Hilary ArgentoResident of Calgary20202020
   Barry BickfordResident of Calgary20122020
   Arlene BlakeResident of Calgary20202020
   Kate CoolidgeResident of Calgary20202020
   Philip CrossResident of Calgary20142020
   Andrew CzechowskyjResident of Calgary20202020
   Susanita De DiegoResident of Calgary20172020
   Inderjot (Jt) DhootResident of Calgary20202020
   Lisa EvrenResident of Calgary20182020
   Stacy GoodmanResident of Calgary20202020
   Peggy GraceResident of Calgary20102020
   Marsha GrahamResident of Calgary20162020
   Ann HuskinsonResident of Calgary20122020
   Paul HuskinsonResident of Calgary20152020
   Borodin JerchelResident of Calgary20082020
   Kenneth KellyResident of Calgary20182020
   Wayne KippResident of Calgary20172020
   Steve KlimukResident of Calgary20162020
   James LamResident of Calgary20122020
   George LensenResident of Calgary20202020
   Brian LoachResident of Calgary20152020
   Peter LohResident of Calgary20142020
   Joseph MasseyResident of Calgary20082020
   Robert MathesonResident of Calgary20162020
  John D. MathiasResident of Calgary and General Chairman19992020
   Paul McKennaResident of Calgary20122020
   Kelly MoiResident of Calgary20172020
   Philip PaskResident of Calgary20092020
   Douglas PollardResident of Calgary20102020
   Richard PootmansResident of Calgary20202020
   Jim RankinResident of Calgary20042020
   Larry RevittResident of Calgary20172020
   Jennifer RockerResident of Calgary20182020
   Kamaljit SharmaResident of Calgary20172020
   Jeremy SmithResident of Calgary20182020
   J. F. (Joy) StuberResident of Calgary20162020
   James (Jim) WallaceResident of Calgary20182020
   Ivan WeleschukResident of Calgary20162020
   Alfredo WongResident of Calgary20092020
   Stanley WongResident of Calgary20202020
   Allan ZindlerResident of Calgary20102020

Authority  Description Decision
1. The Municipal Government Act & The Assessment Appeal Board Act
2. 1974 November 25. Bylaw 9249, as amended. The Municipal Taxation Act
3. 1986, October 29 - CW-23 Selection Committee. Report Council appointed 5 Courts of Revision, each consisting of 3 people for 1987.
4. 1995 January 01. The "new MGA" A consolidation of 21 separate Acts including the Municipal Taxation Act which, in part, regulates the Court of Revision.
5. 1994 September 26. FB94-84 "1995 Court of Revision" Summarizes how the new MGA impacts the assessment complaint process. Now called Assessment Review Board. Written notice of decisions now req'd. Changes to appointment process. City Clerk's assumes administration duties.
6. 1995 April 24, Bylaw 36M95. (within report NAP95-06) A Bylaw to Establish 6 Assessment Review Boards. Covers composition, terms and initial appointees.
7. 1996 July 09, Council Resolution
8. 1997 May 5, N97-10 and Bylaw 23M97. 1997 Membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 36M95.
9. 1997 December 15, N97-42 and Bylaw 48M97. 1998 Membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 36M95.
10. 1998 December 14, Bylaw 55M98 To establish Assessment Review Boards and repeals Bylaw 36M95.
11. 1998 December 14, N98-28 and Bylaw 55M98. 1999 membership to the ARB under the "new MGA" guidelines.
12. 1999 June 28, C99-43 and Bylaw 40M99 To establish one-member panel Assessment Review Boards (by authority of Alberta Regulation 56/99, the One-Member Assessment Review Board and Municipal Government Board Panel Regulation).
13. 1999 December 13, N99-42 and Bylaw 62M99 2000 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98.
14. 2000 November 27, N2000-49 and Bylaw 47M2000 2001 June 18, Bylaw 28M2001 2001 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98. Appoint a replacement member to the ARB.
15. 2000, January 24, Bylaw 1M2000. To amend various bylaws for the implementation of Level 3 Corporate Reorganization.
16. 2001 December 17, N2001-55 and Bylaw 54M2001 2002 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98.
17. 2002 December 02, N2002-38 and Bylaw 40M2002. 2003 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98.
18. 2003 December 08, N2003-28 and Bylaw 60M2003. 2004 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98.
19. 2004 November 22, APA2004-50 and Bylaw 55M2004. 2005 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98.
20. 2005 December 12, APA2005-36 and Bylaw 65M2005. 2006 membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to Bylaw 55M98.
21. 2003 September 08, AGS2003-43 Recomm'n 1. Recommended no changes to current ARB composition.
22. 2006 November 20 APA 2006-26 and Bylaw 50M 2006 2007 Membership to the ARB and housekeeping ammendments to Bylaw 55M98
23. 2007 December 10, N2007-22 and Bylaw 57M2007 2008 Membership to the ARB and housekeeping amendments to bylaw 55M98
24. 2008 December 15 Regular Meeting N2008-18 adopted 2008 Membership adopted by 3 readings of Bylaw 72M2008.
25. 2009 November 16 N2009-19 and Bylaw 63M2009 2009 Membership adopted by 3 reading of Bylaw 63M2009 (with amendment)
26. 2010 March 22 N2010-08 and Bylaw 25M2010 New ARB bylaw adopted to bring The City's assessment complaints review process in line with provincial amendments to the Municipal Government Act and the related regulations which took effect January 1, 2010. Plus, the addition of 7 new members. Bylaw 55M98 is repealed, but continues to apply to all complaints filed with respect to the 2009 and earlier taxation years. Bylaw 40M99 is repealed.
27. 2010 December 13, N2010-20 and Bylaw 59M2010 2011 Membership adopted by 3 readings of Bylaw 59M2010.
28. 2011 December 5, N2011-19 2012 Membership adopted by 3 readings of Bylaw 74M2011
29. 2012 December 3, PFC2012-0600 and Bylaw 51M2012 2013 Membership adopted by 3 readings of Bylaw 51M2012
30. 2013 November 18, C2013-0746 and Bylaw 43M2013 2014 Membership adopted by 3 readings of Bylaw 43M2013
31. 2014 May 12, PFC2014-0277 Resignation of Member. Direct that the position remain vacant until 2014 December when Council makes regular appointments to the Assessment Review Boards for terms effective 2015 January 01.
32. 2016 October 03, PFC2016-0661 and Bylaw 37M2016 To amend Bylaw 25M2010: (a) to establish a new appointments cycle and transitional provisions to extend the appointments of current ARB members to March 2017; and, (b) to establish a 12-year term limit for members of the Calgary Assessment Review Boards.
33. 2018 March 19, PFC2018-0108 and Bylaw 15M2018 Repeal and replace the Calgary Assessment Review Boards Bylaw 25M2010 with Bylaw 15M2018. This change will: (1) align the Bylaw with amended provisions of the Municipal Government Act; (2) align the Board's appointment cycle so that appointments can be made through Council's Organizational meeting; and (3) support Board governance and leadership, through minor organizational changes.
34. 2018 April 23, PFC2018-0444 Direct the City Clerk's Office to include the Assessment Review Board in its annual BCC advertisement and recruitment campaign commencing in 2019 for appointments presented at the annual Organizational Meeting, with terms effective 2020 January 01.