Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee

Terms of Reference
The primary function of the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee (CAUAC) is to provide Council with professional and strategic advice on matters that affect Aboriginal Calgarians, and offer ongoing guidance in relation to the implementation of strategies that advance Aboriginal interests in ways that benefit all Calgarians. 
Minimum of 12 and Maximum of 14 Representatives of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Communities

At least 60 percent plus one should be Aboriginal and will include one Aboriginal Youth.

Members must reside in The City of Calgary, with the exception of up to two Aboriginal members who reside outside of Calgary but within the Treaty 7 territory.

Criteria to serve:
1) Aboriginal self-identity;
2) Knowledge of the Aboriginal history and current events;
3) Knowledge of the urban Aboriginal community; and
4) Personal experiences working with Aboriginal people.
2 year term, staggered

- A public member may serve a maximum of six consecutive years.
- Despite the above, a public member may serve until his or her successor is appointed. The service of a member beyond the appointed term shall not count toward the limit on the length of service set out above if the additional service is one year or less.
- When an appointment is made to fill a public member vacancy:
  o If the balance of the term to be served is one year or less, that service shall not count toward the limit on the length of service; and
  o If the balance of the term to be served is more than one year, that service shall count toward the limit on the length of service.
- A public member may serve more than six consecutive years by a two-thirds vote of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  1st Tuesday
Time:  5:00 p.m.
Location:  Maude Riley Boardroom
7th fl-J4, Municipal Building
9 members if committee has fulfilled the maximum number of 14 members;
8 members if the minimum number of 12 vacancies is achieved; and
The majority of five (or more) must be Aboriginal.
Resource Staff:
Higgins, Lorelei ((403) 476-4180)
Administrative Contact:
Lorrie MacPherson
Calgary Neighbourhoods
City of Calgary
PO Box 2100, Stn M, MC # 8113
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-5122
Reports To:
Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services
Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee
Council appoints CAUAC members based on recommendations presented to Council by CAUAC.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Cristi AdamsAboriginal Member20192021
   Sondra BakerAboriginal Member20202022
   Terry BeaulieuAboriginal Member20192021
  Eileen ClearskyAboriginal Member20182022
   Wayne CourcheneAboriginal Member20202022
   Rosalinda HernandezNon-Aboriginal Member20142021
   Justin JimmyAboriginal Member who is a Youth20192021
   Nedine Le HouillierAboriginal Member20202022
   Cathy LynnAboriginal Member20152021
   Martin O'Brien-KellyNon-Aboriginal Member20192021
   W.A. Sam ShawNon-Aboriginal Member20192021
   Steven VaivadaAboriginal Member20182022

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1979 June 18 Resolution of Council
2. 1980 June 23, CS80-24-1 Native Urban Affairs Committee (NUAC) - Establishment, Composition, Terms of Reference.
3. 1982 August 30, CS82-44-1 NUAC Revised Terms of Reference.
4. 1984 December 17, N84-60 "Native Membership - NUAC" Subsequent Resolution of Council: At least 50% plus one of its members should be from urban native community. Resolved to advertise in Native publications in order to meet the above objective.
5. 1985 February 18, CS85-14-1 Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award was established, including purpose, criteria and nomination procedure for applicants.
6. 1985 March 12, N85-10 Native Membership, Native Urban Affairs Committee Appointments confirmed.
7. 1986 March 03, CS86-05-1 Revisions to Terms of Reference, mandate, purpose, and composition.
8. 1987 February 16, N87-23 Adjustment of membership numbers in order to accommodate request from Native Council of Canada (Alberta) to have representation on NUAC.
9. 1987 May 04, CS87-20 Change of committee name from 'Native Urban Affairs Committee' to 'Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee' (CAUAC).
10. 1989 April 03, CS89-29-2 and 1989 June 26, N89-51 CAUAC Terms of Reference revised, including allowing meetings to be held anywhere inside the city limits. Removal Native Council of Canada (Alberta) representation within CAUAC.
11. 1989 September 05, C89-92 and Bylaw 40M89 Defining the status of Ex-officio, Alternate and Liaison members on Committees.
12. 1997 November 24, CPS97-64 Terms of Reference amended: that Section 11 be deleted and that the appointment of CAUAC membership rest solely with Council at its annual Organizational Meeting.
13. 1998 October 27, Organizational Meeting Number of citizen members at large on the CAUAC reduced to nine.
14. 1999 October 25, Organizational Meeting Increase citizen Membership CAUAC to twelve members.
15. 2000 May 01, CPS2000-22 Designate one membership position on CAUAC for an Aboriginal Youth, age 16-25.
16. 2002 May 27, N2002-12 Appointment of a CAUAC Representative to the Nose Hill Park Management Advisory Committee. Representative to report back to CAUAC either at the next general meeting, or through the Public Relations and Cultural Sub-Committee, whichever meets earlier.
17. 2003 April 07, N2003-15 Increase citizen membership from 8 to 12. Appoint 5 individuals to fill the new and existing vacancies.
18. 2003 September 08, AGS2003-43 Removed Council representation on the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee.
19. 2004 July 05, N2004-17 To change the Terms for CAUAC membership from one-year terms to two-year staggered terms commencing in 2005 October.
20. 2007 October 23, Organizational Meeting Council appointed members for one-year only, and referred the status of the Committee to the Administration for Recommendation to Council.
21. 2014 February 10, PFC2014-0083 To adopt newly developed Terms of Reference and 10-year Strategic Plan. Direct the committee to report annually to Council starting in 2015 through the SPC on Community and Protective Services on progress toward their Strategic Plan.
22. 2015 April 13, CPS2015-0334 Annual Report. Council directed Administration to support the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee in developing an Aboriginal Policy Framework to be brought back to the SPC on Community and Protective Services no later than 2017 April.
23. 2017 May 08, PFC2017-0312 Amendment to the Terms of Reference to reflect a 6 year term limit maximum for Public Members as specified in the new Council policy on Governance and Appointments of Boards, Commissions and Committees (CP2016-03).
24. 2017 October 30, Organizational Meeting Amendment to the Terms of Reference to increase the membership to include one Councillor appointment for a one year term.
25. 2018 October 22, Organizational Meeting Motion Arising: Hire an external consultant with expertise in Indigenous governance, who, after being authorized by Administration, is to undertake a comprehensive review of Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee (CAUAC) in conjunction with the work on developing an Indigenous Relations Office, and report back to Council in Q1 of 2019 with recommendations on modernizing the Terms of Reference. | Ensure that the work of the CAUAC review by the external consultant evolves into current best practice Indigenous governance in contrast to previous traditional colonial practices that have been a constraint in the past. | Ensure that the review provides a mechanism to meet the needs of Indigenous interests in Calgary.
26. 2019 October 28, Organizational Meeting Council amended the Terms of Reference and removed the Council member position.