Livery Transport Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference
The purpose of LTAC is to provide advice and recommendations to Council to ensure high quality livery transport services and 'to create and maintain a sustainable ... industry' as specified in Bylaw 6M2007. The objective is to ensure public safety, service quality and consumer protection for customers and service providers. LTAC will follow the direction of Council by responding to Council requests and making recommendations to City Council. 
1 Member for taxi brokers, who holds a Brokerage Licence in good standing with Livery Transport Services
1 Member for limousine brokers, who holds a Brokerage Licence in good standing with Livery Transport Services
1 Member of Transportation Network Companies, who holds a Transportation Network Company Licence in good standing with Livery Transport Services
1 Member for taxi drivers who holds a Taxi Driver's Licence in good standing with Livery Transport Services and does not hold a Brokerage or Transportation Network Company Licence
1 Member for limousine drivers who holds a Limousine Driver's Licence in good standing with Livery Transport Services and does not hold a Brokerage or Transportation Network Company Licence
1 Member for Transportation Network drivers who holds a Transportation Network Driver's Licence in good standing with Livery Transport Services and does not hold a Brokerage or Transportation Network Company Licence
5 Representatives of the general public, selected by Council from respondents to a public notice
1 Representative, nominated by Advisory Committee on Accessibility
1 Representative, nominated by Calgary Airport Authority
1 Representative, nominated by Calgary Hotel Association
1 Representative, nominated by Tourism Calgary
1 Representative from the Calgary Police Service (non-voting)
1 Representative from Livery Transport Services (non-voting)
1 Representative from Transportation Planning (non-voting)

The Chair of LTAC is appointed by Council from the five (5) representatives of the general public.

The following skills & experience are an asset:
- 3 to 5 yrs experience as a board member
- Conflict resolution training or experience
- Policy & public administration knowledge
- Budget planning & financial management experience
- Research & analysis experience
- Good verbal & written communication skills
A member's term will be for a one or two year term to allow for staggering.
A member may service up to a maximum of six consecutive years.
A member may serve more than six consecutive years by a Two-Thirds Vote of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:   Wednesday or Friday
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Location:  Suite 101, 1212 - 31 Avenue NE

This Schedule is subject to change by either date, time and/or location
5, as follows:
- 2 members representing the public;
- 1 member representing the Advisory Committee on Accessibility, Calgary Airport Authority, Tourism Calgary or Hotel Association;
- 1 member representing Brokerages, Transportation Network Companies or drivers;
- 1 member from either:
   -- the Advisory Committee on Accessibility, Calgary Airport Authority, Tourism Calgary or Hotel Association; or
   -- the Brokerages, Transportation Network Companies or drivers categories.
Resource Staff:
Andreychuk, Marcia (403-268-6787)
Administrative Contact:
Kathleen Miller-Letendre (LTS Administration Support)
Compliance Services
City of Calgary mail code #128
P.O. Box 2100 Station M
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-648-6317
Reports To:
SPC on Community and Protective Services
Livery Transport Advisory Committee
Committee disbanded on 2018 January 01, per Council Direction and report CPS2017-1151 on Livery Transport Advisory Committee Governance Review

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1972 May 29, Clause 17 Authority and Control Over Taxis': Directs that the Province be requested to provide the necessary legislation empowering The City to control the taxi business.
2. 1973 August 22, The Municipal Government Act Section 224 was amended by Bill 30 Clause 22 to allow for the establishment of a Taxi Commission.
3. 1973 October 29, Commissioners Report dated October 25, 1973 and Bylaw 8857 The Taxi Commission Bylaw was amended and read 3 times.
4. 1973 December 03, Bylaw 8897 To Amend Bylaw 8857: Respecting the composition of the Taxi Commission.
5. 1974 March 25, Bylaw 8891 To amend the Taxi Commission Bylaw 8857: Amends the composition to allow the appointment of an alternate for the Calgary Police Service appointee.
6. 1975 March 24, Bylaw 8/75 Rescinds and replaces Bylaw 8857.
7. 1977 April 11, Bylaw 91/77 Mostly housekeeping changes to Bylaw 8/75 to remove obsolete/redundant clauses and to ensure conformity with other relevant Acts and Bylaws. The amendment does give the Commission the authority to suspend a license. Later amended by Bylaws: 41M79, 1M80, 21M80, 61M81, 1M83, 10M83, 32M83, 33M86, 58M87, 64M87, 22M89, 13M91, 8M92, 28M92, 68M92, 23M93, 52M93, 3M94, 30M95, 73M95, 41M96, 16M98, 52M99, 1M2000, 37M2001, 27M2002, 38M2003
8. 1979 December 04, memo from Secretary of the CTC to Commissioners and Administration Board of Commissioners recommends that the Taxi Commission now report to the Transportation Department.
9. 1980 December 15, 16 and 17, Clause L80-43 Adopted a recommendation to file. Proposed review of the Taxi Commission Bylaw and wages/fares.
10. 1983 July 25 and 26, L83-25 Composition change to the Taxi Commission
11. 1986 May 05, NM86-31 Deletes Aldermanic representation and substitutes a citizen-at-large.
12. 1986 July 28, Bylaw 33M86 To amend bylaw 91/77 to alter the membership of the Taxi Commission as per the Motion above.
13. 1987 November 02, L87-52 Decided to courier a copy of the Report (Taxi Task Force Report Re: Phase 1 - Control of Taxi Licenses) to all members of the Commission prior to the next Regular meeting of Council.
14. 1987 November 02, L87-51, L87-52 and Bylaw 58M87 Bylaw 58M87 to amend Bylaw 91/77: Composition of the Commission; and changes to reflect the Phase I recommendations below. Phase I of Taxi Task Force recommendations approving a major reorganization of the Taxi Commission. Also includes a re-definition of limousine class taxis, and enforcement/procedures for regulation at the Calgary International Airport.
15. 1987 November 24, 30, N87-63 Appointments to the Taxi Commission for one, two and three year terms.
16. 1989 May 04, C89-47 and Bylaw 22M89 To formalize the proper appeal procedure for taxi license appeals of decisions made by the Commission. Bylaw 22M89 amends the License Appeal Board Bylaw and the Taxi Business Bylaw to be more in line with the MGA, Section 234(7) and sets out guidelines for how an appellant takes their appeal request to Council.
17. 1990 July 23, Final Report of the Committee on Committees Boards which draw on mill rate-supported funds,and do not have Aldermanic representation must report to the appropriate SPC twice a year, including an annual budget presentation. Therefore, the Taxi Commission will be required to report to the SPC on Transportation, Transit & Parking.
18. 1991 February 25, AC91-08 and Bylaw 13M91 Taxi-commission to be a self-funding body. Membership changed to include 4 appointees from City Administration and/or Council. Bylaw 13M91 to amend the Taxi Bylaw to reflect these changes.
19. 1992 December 08, N92-38 and Bylaw 68M92 Amendment to Taxi Bylaw to change member composition. Make the Calgary Police Service Representative a Resource person only (non-voting) and increase the resident electors-at-large by one member.
20. 1994 March 07, TTP94-08 To license, regulate and control the limousine industry as part of the livery industry. Bylaw 3M94 was given 2 readings only.
21. 1994 March 21, Bylaw 3M94 Bylaw 3M94: given third reading. Implements the new regulations on the limousine industry.
22. 1994 October 12, AC94-50 Recommendations were filed. Requested Board of Commissions to prepare a report outlining their recommendations for a Taxi Commission reorganization and an implementation plan.
23. 1995 March 21, N95-07 Membership - Calgary Taxi Commission.
24. 1995 April 03, Bylaw 30M95 To amend the Membership on the Taxi Commission of the City of Calgary
25. 1995 December 04, TTP95-66 and Bylaw 73M95 Structural Changes to the Taxi Commission (consideration to be given to appointing a representative from either the hotel industry, the tourist industry, and/or the Airport Authority) and, to amend the Taxi Business Bylaw and to repeal the Taxi Commission Appeal Board Bylaw
26. 1997 January 06, TTP96-71 Recommends the current composition of the Commission is working well and that it remain as is: The membership includes 3 City Representatives (the Manager of Traffic Operations; the Chief License Inspector; a Senior Police Officer).
27. 2000 January 24, C2000-05 Implementation of Level I Corporate Restructuring. Recommends that the position of Manager of Traffic Operations be replaced with a Traffic Engineer.
28. 2002 June 17, AC2002-23 Approval of recommendations to continue the Task Force; and for The City to have a more direct Administrative role in the Commission; and to fill the remaining vacancies on the Taxi Commission, and to bring forward an implementation plan for all the changes.
29. 2002 July 22, AC2002-28 and Bylaw 27M2002 Bylaw 27M2002: to Amend Bylaw 91/77 the Taxi Business Bylaw (membership amendments). New appointees approved, implementation plan for the Audit recommendations was approved.
30. 2002 December 02, C2002-91 Taxi Commission decision process.
31. 2004 September 8, AGS2003-43 Recommended Action; Taxi Commission Calgary, Assign liaison responsibility to Administration
32. 2005 January 17, C2005-06 and Bylaw 16M2005 Ad Hoc Taxi Commission Interview Committee Report to Council. Appointment of 7 Taxi Commission Members until: -Council appoints new members to replace after consideration of this report, or -Council's 2006 Organizational Meeting, whichever occurs first.
33. 2005 February 14, Bylaw 22M2005 Repeals Bylaw 16M2005. To further amend Bylaw 91/77 The Taxi Business Bylaw. Amends the composition of Commission members. With this Bylaw, Council reconsidered the appointments made January 17.
34. 2007 January 22, Bylaw 6M2007 The Taxi Commission officially became the Livery Transport Board under Bylaw 6M2007. On July 23, Council adopted a new Terms of Reference for TLAC deleting the "Board" section from Bylaw 6M2007.
35. 2007 February 21, Bylaw 6M2007 Changed the name of the Taxi Commission to Livery Transport Board. Bylaw 6M2007 addresses vehicles, licenses, inspections, rates and fees, and enforcement.
36. 2007 July 23 Name changed to the Taxi Limousine Advisory Committee.
37. 2007 September 10, N2007-19, C2007-68, LPT2007-53 and LPT2007-54 Livery Transport Services moves to DBA 2008 January 01; Amendments to Bylaw 6M2007 (42M2007) to delete Livery Transport Board from Bylaw; Amendments to License Appeal Bylaw 43M87 (44M2007) to move certain appeals to LAB concerning taxi issues.
38. 2007 December 10, FCS2007-40 TLAC Budget Request and honorarium approval for member
39. 2008 October 20, C2008-70 Amended the membership to add one member at large.
40. 2009 November 30, LPT2009-81 Membership composition increased from 8 to 9 by adding one disabled representative from the Advisory Committee on Accessibility.
41. 2011 November 07, LPT2011-90 Revised Terms of Reference.
42. 2012 May 07, TT2012-15 New TLAC Policy and Procedure Manual adopted. Revisions to Terms of Reference adopted.
43. 2014 July 21, CPS2014-0542 Approve the proposed TLAC work plan and budget. Authorize a TLAC honorarium amount of $450 for the Chair and $250 for other eligible members. Adopt the recommended changes to the Terms of Reference.
44. 2014 July 21, CPS2014-0543 and Bylaw 45M2014 Housekeeping amendments to the Livery Transport Bylaw number 6M2007
45. 2016 September 26 CPS2016-0633 Terms of Reference are amended to include the Transportation Network Company industry and to change the name to 'Livery Transport Advisory Committee'. Direct Administration to conduct a review of the governance model and Terms of Reference for the Livery Transport Advisory Committee (LTAC) in collaboration and consultation with the City Clerk's Office, LTAC and key stakeholders, in accordance with Council Policy CP2016-03, and report back to the SPC Community and Protective Services with the result of the outcome of the review no later than 2017 Q4.
46. 2017 December 18, CPS2017-1151 Endorse Option A.3 as described in Attachment 1, Livery Transport Advisory Committee Governance Review and disband the Livery Transport Advisory Committee, effective 2018 January 01; Thank members of the Livery Transport Advisory Committee for their service