Calgary Technologies Inc.

Calgary Technologies Inc. facilitates the transfer of innovation to market thereby diversifying the economy, providing viable solutions to industry, stimulating economic growth and wealth creation, and providing overall benefit to our community and society.

Their mission is to accelerate, facilitate and support innovation in the technology sector.
3 Persons appointed by the City of Calgary
3 Persons appointed by the University of Calgary
3 Persons appointed by the Chamber of Commerce
1 President
2 Electors
Such other persons, to a maximum in number equal to the number of positions determined under Article 4.01 inclusive of above appointments. Persons appointed must be Electors.

1 year term
Except for the President, no director shall be eligible for appointment for greater than six continuous years. Upon a period of at least one year elapsing, a director is eligible for a further 6 continuous years.
Term Expiry Month:
Executive - Approximately 1 per month
Day:   Not Specified
Time:  1:30pm
Location:  Alastair Ross Technology Centre
Resource Staff:
Rock, Dr.Terry ()
Administrative Contact:
Kelly Markevich
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Calgary Technologies Inc.
3553 31 Street NW
Calgary AB T2L 2K7
Reports To:
Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services
Calgary Technologies Inc.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Dan FurstElector20172019
   Heather HerringElector20152019
   Sujatha KammaElector20172019

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2000 May 29 Business Corporations Act - Certificate of Incorporation as "Calgary Technologies Inc."
2. 2000, June 15 Resolution of Shareholders (The City of Calgary, the University of Calgary, Calgary Chamber of Commerce). Appointment of the Board of directors. Resolution to acquire all of the business, assets and liabilities of Calgary Research and Development Authority for the sum of one dollar ($1).
3. 2000 May 29 General By-law No. 1 sets out the Terms of Reference.
4. 2003 September 8 Special, AGS2003-43 Assigns liaison responsibility to Administration.
5. 2007 January 8, CPS2006-72 Collaboration Efforts Office of the Mayor appointed one Representative as a link between the four Authorities (Calgary Economic Development, Calg Convention Centre Authority, Calgary Technologies Inc and Tourism Calgary). The Authorities and the representative are to ensure a strong collaboration in the economic development area.
6. 2009 April 27, M2009-03 Board composition under review.
7. 2014 October 20, Organizational Meeting of Council That with respect to the Calgary Technologies Inc. Citizen appointments, an additional Citizen appointment be made in place of the Chief Information Technology Officer, therefore increasing the Citizen appointments to three
8. 2015 July 20, C2015-0633 That Council authorize Glenda Cole, on behalf of The City of Calgary, to represent The City of Calgary and exercise all the powers and voting rights of The City of Calgary as a shareholder of Calgary Technologies Inc. at the 2015 annual general meeting of shareholders.