Prince's Island Park Management Advisory Committee (PIPMAC)

Terms of Reference
Authority to make recommendations regarding programming and development in the park area. 
6 Persons from adjacent communities with no less than one each from Eau Claire, Chinatown and Sunnyside
2 Representatives from Island Festival groups (such as the Folk Festival, Professional Arts Alliance or cultural group)
1 Representative from a general recreational users group (such as Child Friendly Calgary, Calgary River Valley's Committee, the Calgary Road Runners)
1 Representative from Eau Claire Market
3 Parks and Recreation advisors (non-voting)
1 Representative from the Calgary Downtown Association
1 Member-at-Large

2 years, staggered - Representatives [Maximum of 4 consecutive terms]
3 years - Member-at-Large
Term Expiry Month:
Twice per year,
and up to two other meetings
if issues and concerns warrant
Day:   N/A
Time:  N/A
Location:  N/A
One half of the voting Members (6)
Resource Staff:
Buchan, Mr.Ron (403-537-7571)
Byrne, Ms.Teresa ((403) 476-4324)
Nearing, Mr.Allan ((403) 537-7565)
Administrative Contact:
Reports To:
SPC on Community and Protective Services

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1997 March 06, N97-06 Prince's Island Park Master Plan - Public Steering Committee established membership and terms of reference.
2. 1999 March 12, CPS99-12 & C99-13 Greater Prince's Island Park Master Plan - Phase 2: Established terms of reference for Prince's Island Park Management and Advisory Committee.
3. 1999 June 28, N99-19 Established initial membership for Prince's Island Park Management Advisory Committee.
4. 1999 December 01, N99-38 Confirm the terms of office of members.
5. 2000 January 24, C2000-05 Changed Representatives from Calgary Parks and Recreation to Park Development and Operations with Implementation of the New Organization Structure to Level 3.
6. 2002 October 21, Organizational Meeting Members-at-Large: Reduction from 2 to 1 Member-at-Large.
7. 2003, September 08, AGS2003-43 Removed Council membership. Assigned liaison responsibility to Administration.
8. 2007 June 25, CPS2007-28 Approval to update terms of reference.
9. 2015 October 19, N2015-0600 That Council direct Administration to engage with stakeholders in PIPMAC with respect to its membership and Terms of Reference.
10. 2016 September 26, CPS2016-0748 That Council disband the Prince's Island Park Management Advisory Committee and that the Members be thanked for their service.