Airport Authority (Calgary)

Terms of Reference:
To manage and operate the airport in a safe, secure and efficient manner and to advance economic and community development via improved airline and transportation service. 
1 Director, M.D. of Rockyview
2 Government of Canada
3 Directors, Representing City of Calgary
Long Range Planning Committee (Chamber of Commerce) - 11 Directors

Directors must meet the guidelines listed in Section 14 of the Regional Airports Authorities Act and must be Canadian citizens.
4 years.
NOTE: Members are entitled to serve two consecutive 4-year terms only.
Term Expiry Month:
Other Meetings - Quarterly in March, June, September & November. Strategic Planning Session in October.
Day .. 4th Wednesday
Time .. 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Location .. Calgary Airport Authority, Calgary International Airport
Eligibility Information:
Member Recruitment Profile
Resource Staff:
Atkinson, Mr.Garth (403-735-1244)
Swanson, Mr.David (403-735-1248)
Administrative Contact:
Ms. Christine Chin (Executive Assistant to the Board Chair)
Airport Authority (Calgary)
Calgary Airport Authority
2000 Airport Road NE
Calgary AB T2E 6N5
Bus: 403-735-1243 Fax: 403-735-7541
Reports To:

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleFirst ApptExpiry YearPhone NumberMailing Address
  Ms. Wendelin FraserDirector, Representing City of Calgary20122016
  Mr. Darshan KaillyDirector, Representing the City of Calgary20102014
  Ms. Laura SafranDirector, Representing City of Calgary20112015

  Description Decision
1. 1989 August 18 Regional Airport Authorities Act.
2. 1994 January 11, C94-04. Appointment of three Directors, effective 1994 February 1.
3. 1994 March 07, C94-31. 1. Council agree to act as an appointer for the Calgary Airport Authority pursuant to the Regional Airports Authorities Act. 2. Appointment of three Directors, effective as of the date the Order-in-Council gives effect to the amendment to the Articles of the Authority authorizing The City to appoint three Directors to the Board of the Calgary Airport Authority.
4. 1994 May 11, Order in Council by the Lieutenant Governor. Giving effect to the resolutions amending the articles of incorporation of the Calgary Airport Authority by replacing them with the attached articles, dated April 8 1994
5. 2006 October 23, Organizational Meeting Members appointed
6. 2008 October 28, Organizational Meeting Member appointed.
7. 2011 October 24, Organizational Meeting Member appointed
8. 2012 April 09, N2012-02 Resignation of board member. Vacancy will remain until the 2012 Organizational Meeting of Council.
9. 2012 December 03, VR2012-045 Member appointed for a 4 year term, expiring 2016 October