Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference
The Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee works with Administration to advise Council on Council and Administrative policies, strategies and service delivery in accordance with the Social Wellbeing Principles.

The Social Wellbeing Principles state that The City will:
- Strive to provide equitable services. This includes removing barriers to access and inclusion;
- Advance the active and shared process of Truth and Reconciliation in collaboration with the community;
- Seek opportunities to support and grow culture in Calgary (1); and
- Aim to stop social problems before they begin using a prevention approach.

The Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee's main purpose is to provide advice using an intersectional approach (meaning to consider how decisions impact people who are members of multiple, overlapping population groups) by drawing on different perspectives of its membership.

   (1) For the purposes of the Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee, supporting and growing "culture" refers to
        relevant priorities outlined in the Cultural Plan for Calgary.
1 Representative, nominated by Advisory Committee on Accessibility
1 Representative, nominated by Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee
1 Representative, nominated by Calgary Local Immigration Partnership Council
1 Representative, nominated by Cultural Leadership Council
1 Representative, nominated by Family & Community Support Services Calgary Forum
1 Representative, nominated by Gender Equity and Diversity Strategy Committee
1 Representative, nominated by Senior's Age Friendly Strategy Steering Committee
3 Public Members who have knowledge of the needs of and connections to networks of a diverse population
1 Public Member with expertise in social innovation or social determinants of health
1 Public Member that is a faculty member of a post-secondary institution with experience advancing social equity
1 Director of Calgary Neighbourhoods or designate (non-voting)

2 years, maximum of 3 consecutive terms

Term expirations will be staggered to ensure an orderly transition of the new members.
Partial terms will not be counted towards the term limit.
A member may serve more than six consecutive years by a two-thirds vote of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Location:  Not Specified
Greater than 50 per cent of voting members, that is, seven members
Resource Staff:
Administrative Contact:
Karla Cote (Issue Strategist)
City of Calgary, Mail Code #116
PO Box 2100 Stn M
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-8115
Reports To:
Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services
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Members will be appointed at the 2018 Organizational Meeting of Council
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ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2018 July 30, CPS2018-0870 (1) Establishment of the Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee and adoption of the Terms of Reference; (2) Direct the committee to advise on the development of the Gender Equity and Diversity Strategy; and (3) Direct Administration to work with the committee following the appointment of members at the 2018 October Organizational Meeting of Council and return to SPC on Community and Protective Services no later than Q2 2020 with its first annual report.