Event Centre Assessment Committee

Terms of Reference
The mandate of the Event Centre Assessment Committee ("ECAC") is to explore and determine location, financial strategies and an approach to a partnership framework with respect to developing a new event centre that fits the long-term goals of The City of Calgary and City Council.

ECAC's responsibilities will be to:
1. Build upon past work that has been done in relation to this initiative;
2. Identify key opportunities, issues, risks and concerns;
3. Identify, consult and collaborate with key internal and external stakeholders;
4. Explore options with respect to a location that fits the long-term strategic development goals and initiatives of The City;
5. Pursue existing options and any new opportunities to develop a financing and funding framework; and,
6. Return to Council with a formal recommendation(s).

ECAC may be required to establish subcommittees to undertake specific time-limited tasks as required. Membership of the subcommittees may include members of ECAC or other appointees as ECAC deems necessary. ECAC may add non-voting members by a simple majority vote.
3 Members of Council appointed by Council resolution (voting members)
The City Manager (voting member); OR designate the City Chief Financial Officer as a voting member when the City Manager is not present
The President, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (voting member)
The City Chief Financial Officer, The City of Calgary (non-voting advisory member)
The Chair, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (non-voting advisory member)
The Chair, Calgary Economic Development Ltd. (non-voting advisory member)

ECAC's Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected by ECAC members from among the Council Members on ECAC. The Chair and Vice-Chair will serve in those positions until ECAC's mandate has been achieved or Council's Organizational Meeting in 2019.
Council Members will be appointed to ECAC at Council's annual Organizational Meeting for one-year terms expiring on the day of Council's next Organizational Meeting or at a decision of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Location:  To Be Announced
Greater than 50% of voting members, that is, three (3) voting members
Resource Staff:
Administrative Contact:
Legislative Advisors
City Clerk's Office
The City of Calgary
P.O. Box 2100, Station M, Mail Code #8007
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-5861
Reports To:

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2018 May 28, Notice of Motion C2018-0547 Establishment of the Event Centre Assessment Committee and adoption of the Terms of Reference. That the Committee report back to Council no later than 2018 June 25 and include revised Terms of Reference.
2. 2018 June 25, ECA2018-0766 Adoption of the Terms of Reference, as corrected.
3. 2018 July 30, ECA2018-0942 Terms of Reference amended to include Appendix 1, Principles for the Event Centre Assessment Committee.
4. 2020 July 20, ECA2020-0829 (1) Disband the Event Centre Assessment Committee; (2) Thank all members of the Event Centre Assessment Committee past and present for their work; and (3) Direct any future items to the Event Centre Steering Committee.