Ward Boundary Commission

The Council Policy on Ward Boundary Determination and Review (CC017):
1. To provide Council with recommendations for major revisions to ward boundaries taking into considerations the timing, input and criteria provided for in Council Policy CC017;
2. To obtain public input on the criteria used to determine ward boundaries and validate or negate criteria found in Council Policy CC017; and
3. To review the Policy at the conclusion of the revision and submit recommendations for change to Council in a final report.
1 City of Calgary Returning Officer
2 Electors, with an interest and expertise in political science, public policy, or urban issues and who is not involved in lobbying The City
1 Person who understands The City from a political and organization perspective

Term Expiry Month:
Resource Staff:
Administrative Contact:
Mr. Paul Denys
City of Calgary, Mail Code #8
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-476-4110
E-mail: Paul.Denys@calgary.ca
Reports To:
Ward Boundary Determination and Review (CC017)
- The appointments to the Commission will be made at the second Organizational Meeting of Council following every third general election.
- The Chair will be selected by the Commission members at the first meeting of the Commission from amongst the Council appointed members.
- Council may direct that an ad hoc major revision occur at times other than scheduled by this Policy.
- The Commission shall report to Council with recommendations no later than 18 months before the general election or within one year of appointment of an ad hoc Commission.
- The Commission shall hold at least four sessions, one in each quadrant, for public consultation on ward boundaries.
- Members of the Commission, other than the Returning Officer, shall receive a flat rate sum for remuneration for the work involved in the Commission. The Chair shall receive an additional sum for the work of the Chair and writing the report.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1993 May 03, Council Policy CC017 Adoption of the Ward Boundary Determination and Review Policy
2. 2013 March 18, C2013-0182 Amendment to the Policy to allow for the creation of a Ward Boundary Commission, an independant citizen commission of 3 persons and the Returning Officer to determine ward boundaries
3. 2015 July 27, C2015-0651 That Council reconsider their decisions, with respect to the referral of Recommendation 5 and 7 of the Ward Boundary Commission report contained in the Minutes of 2014, November 14 Special Meeting of Council; That Recommendation 7 of the Ward Boundary Commission report WBC2014-0772, be referred to the Legislative Governance Task Force 2015 September 8 Meeting for consideration and recommendation to Council; and That Recommendation 5 of the Ward Boundary Commission contained in the WBC2014-0772 report, be referred to the Manager CCCO, who is currently undergoing the work, and further to report back through the Legislative Governance Task Force no later than 2015 Q4.
4. 2015 November 23, WBC2015-0907 Final Report and Recommendation of the Ward Boundary Commission. That Council refer report WBC2015-0907 to the Returning Officer to consider: A phased approach, given the slower population growth and lower housing starts for 2016; which keeps Ward differentials closer to the 10-15% in Council Policy, returning to Council as soon as possible.
5. 2015 November 23 Council disband the Ward Boundary Commission, and that the Members be thanked for their service.
6. 2016 March 14, C2016-0153 1) Council adopted the Returning Officer's ward boundary scenario, after amendment, to take effect on General Election day 2017. 2) Council directed the Returning Officer to return with a bylaw to amend Bylaw 19M91 Ward Boundary Bylaw no later than 2016 May 16. 3) Council directed the Returning Officer to amend Council Policy CC017, to reflect the change to Council term of office to four years and a major review every two election cycles and obtain input from Members of Council on other potential changes.