EGovernment Strategy Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference
To monitor and guide the overall vision, strategy and program plan for eGovernment at The City of Calgary. 
3 Members representing the technical or communications industry with a background in strategic planning, IT architecture, business and customer service improvement
4 Members representing community organizations with an interest in eGovernment

2 year term
Term Expiry Month:
Location:  tba
Resource Staff:
Dhatt, Mr.Bobby (403-268-2954)
Administrative Contact:
Ms. Donna Sevigny (Project Manager eGovernment)
The City of Calgary
P.O. Box 2100 Station M
Mail Code # 8034
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 268-1750
Reports To:
SPC on Utilities & Corporate Services
Council, at the 2016 July 25 Regular Meeting, adopted PFC2016-0148. The eGovernment Strategy Advisory Committee will complete their term 2016 October and the Committee will be disbanded.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2009 July 27, NM2009-38 Notice of Motion by Aldermen Ceci and Pincott "Access to City Data and Services"
2. 2010 March 22, FCS2010-05 Response to NM2009-38: 1- Administration to pilot a public data catalogue. 2- Administration to report back on update on eGovernment strategy and roadmap.
3. 2011 January 10, FCS2010-26 eGovernment Strategy Update
4. 2011 March 21, FCS2011-06 - Approve the eGovernment Strategy and Roadmap and associated projects; - direct Chair of FCS and CITO to develop a governance model for Calgary eGovernment; - direct that funding required for continuing the eGovernment Strategy be brought forward as part of the 2012-2014 business plan and budget deliberations.
5. 2011 September 19, FCS2011-22 Approved the eGovernment Strategy Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
6. 2012 October 22, Organizational Meeting Members appointed for a 2 year term
7. 2013 May 27, PFC2013-0366 Resignation and Appointment of member for the completion of a 2 year term to expire 2014 October
8. 2014 October 20, Organizational Meeting of Council That with respect to the eGovernment Strategy Advisory Committee, the City Manager and Administration be directed to work with the Committee on their role, and to determine an end date for the Committee
9. 2016 June 28, PFC2016-0148 Priorities and Finance Committee recommends that Council: Disband the eGovernment Strategy Advisory Committee in 2016 October the Committee's term end date, and that the Mayor send a letter to Committee members acknowledging their contributions and thanking them for their service. Final decision will be made at the Regular Meeting of Council, to be held on 2016 July 25.
10. 2016 July 25, PFC2016-0148 Disband the eGovernment Strategy Advisory Committee in 2016 October.
11. 2016 October 24, Organizational Meeting Committee disbanded and Thanks for Service letters issued to expiring members.