Legacy Parks Fund Steering Committee

Terms of Reference
Oversees the Enmax Legacy Parks Program Team to maximize the public investment and impact of the program by reviewing land acquisition opportunities, strategic program direction, project selection and expenditures within the Enmax Legacy Parks Program and to provide recommendations to Council as required. 
3 Councillors
1 General Manager, Community Services (Non-voting)
1 Director, Calgary Parks (Non-voting)
1 Legacy Parks Program Manager (Non-voting)

Membership to be reconfirmed at the annual Organizational Meeting of Council
Term Expiry Month:
Proposed quarterly meetings
Location:  Legal Traditions Committee Room
Fourth Floor, City Hall
3 - must consist of a minimum of 2 Councillors
Resource Staff:
Marter, Mr.Doug (403-268-4780)
Administrative Contact:
Legislative Advisors
City Clerk's Office
The City of Calgary
P.O. Box 2100, Station M, Mail Code #8007
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-5861
Reports To:
Annual report to Council
e-mail - spconcps@calgary.ca

Committee to use The City's Procedure Bylaw 44M2006 to manage its conduct.

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 2003 July 14, NM2003-40 Legacy Park Fund Working Committee: "That a working committee be established with Administration and up to three members of Council in order to move this important initiative forward in a timely fashion"
2. 2003 September 22, C2003-67, NM2003-36 and NM2003-40 Enmax Legacy Parks - Amendments and updates
3. 2003 October 20, LPC2003-05 To appoint the General Manager of Community and Protective Services to the Legacy Parks Fund Steering Committee (from Recommendations in Executive Report C2003-67)
4. 2013 May 27, LPC2013-0428 Council adopted: - Updates on Terms of Reference; and - Process for the committee to report back to Council; and - Update on Resource Staff.
5. 2013 October 21, Bylaw 40M2011 coming into force. To discontinue the use of the title "Alderman" in favour of the title "Councillor".
6. 2014 October 20, Organizational Meeting of Council Amending the Terms of Reference by deleting four Administration appointments as follows: - City Manager (non-voting) or Designate (non-voting) - Director, Corporate Properties & Buildings, as required (non-voting) - City Treasurer (non-voting) - General Manager, Community Services & Protective Services (non-voting)
7. 2015 October 19, M2015-0786 Amendment to the Terms of Reference: adding one non-voting position for the General Manager of Community Services.
8. 2016 September 12, Bylaw Tabulation and Bylaw 36M2016 Council adopted Recommendations 2 and 4 of the Bylaw Tabulation: (2) Extend the term of all current Members of Council, including the Chair and Vice-Chair, on the Legacy Parks Fund Steering Committee until 2016 December 31; (4) Disband the Legacy Parks Fund Steering Committee effective 2016 December 31 and that its mandate be absorbed by the Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services. Council gave three readings to Bylaw 36M2016, comes into force on January 1, 2017.
9. 2017 January 01, Committee disbanded. Committee is disbanded, per Council's decision (LGT2016-0585, 2016 July 25).