Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)

Under the Emergency Management Act, a municipality is required or authorized to establish committees to declare local emergencies, develop emergency plans and direct emergency response. 
1 Chief Administrative Officer
1 Director
Administrative heads, or their identified representatives, of those City business units and divisions invited to be members of the Agency
Representatives of external organizations invited to be members of the Agency

1 year term
Term Expiry Month:
As required
Location:  To Be Announced
not specified
Resource Staff:
Sampson, Tom (403-268-8759)
Administrative Contact:
Christina Franklin (Executive Assistant, CEMA)
P.O. Box 2100 Station M
Postal Code #435
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-1683
Reports To:
Emergency Management Committee
Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1975 March 24, Bylaw 26/75 Disaster Services Bylaw.
2. 2000, Emergency Management Act, RSA 2000 c. E-6.8 Requires municipalities to establish committees to declare local emergencies, develop emergency plans and direct emergency response.
3. 2002 May 27, C2002-48 and Bylaw 25M2002 Establishes the Calgary Disaster Services Agency. Repeals Bylaw 26/75.
4. 2003 October 06, APA2003-53b and Bylaw 38M2003 Bylaw to amend various bylaws to implement the management accountability enhancement project.
5. 2008 February 25, DS2008-01 Recommends the following name change in keeping with the new Alberta Emergency Management Act: a) from 'Calgary Disaster Services Agency' to 'Calgary Emergency Management Agency'; b) from 'Disaster Services Committee' to 'Emergency Management Committee'; c) from 'Director of Calgary Disaster Services' to 'Director of Calgary Emergency Management'; d) from 'Disaster Services bylaw' to 'Emergency Management bylaw'.
6. 2008 April 14, Bylaw 23M2008 Amends Bylaw 25M2002 - The 'Calgary Disaster Services Agency' is renamed 'Calgary Emergency Management Agency'.
7. 2014 November 03, EM2014-0824 and Bylaw 73M2014 Transition of CEMA from the Calgary Fire Department to its own business unit; a dedicated Director has to be appointed to lead the agency. Amends Bylaw 25M2002 - to reflect the changes listed above and to amend the composition of the agency.
8. 2015 June 29, EM2015-0459 and Bylaw 26M2015 Amends Bylaw 25M2002 - Change of Structure and Composition for the Emergency Management Committee, the State of Local Emergency, the Calgary Emergency Management Agency and Clarification for the Director. Revocation of the Disaster Services Committee Terms of Reference.