Emergency Management Agency, Calgary

Under the Emergency Management Act, a municipality is required or authorized to establish committees to declare local emergencies, develop emergency plans and direct emergency response. 
1 Customer Service & Communications
1 Corporate Security
1 Infrastructure & Information Services
1 Chief Administrative Officer
1 Inspections & Permit Services
1 Corporate Properties
1 Parks
1 Law Department
1 Calgary Fire Department
1 Community & Neighbourhood Services
1 Water Resources
1 Water Services
1 Roads
1 Information Technology
1 Animal & Bylaw Services
1 Human Resources
1 Fleet Services
1 Public Safety Communications
1 Supply Management
1 Waste & Recycling Services
1 Calgary Police Service
1 Calgary Transit

In addition, the following organizations shall be invited by the Director to nominate representatives to serve as members of the Agency:
(a) Alberta Emergency Management Agency;
(b) Alberta Energy Regulator;
(c) Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development;
(d) Alberta Health Services - Administration;
(e) Alberta Health Services - Emergency Medical Services (EMS);
(f) Alberta Health Services - Medical Officer of Health;
(g) ATCO Gas;
(h) Building Owners and Managers Association;
(i) Calgary Airport Authority;
(j) Calgary Board of Education;
(k) Calgary Catholic School District;
(l) Calgary Chamber of Commerce;
(m) Calgary Stampede;
(n) Calgary Zoo;
(o) ENMAX Power Corporation;
(p) Environment Canada;
(q) Southern Francophone School Board #4;
(r) TELUS;
(s) TransAlta Utilities.
1 year term
Term Expiry Month:
As required
Location:  To Be Announced
Eligibility Information:
Member Recruitment Profile
Resource Staff:
Sampson, Mr.Tom (403-268-8759)
Administrative Contact:
Ms. Margie Strand (Admin. Asst. - CEMA / Assistant to the Deputy Chief)
Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)
Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)
Mail Code 47
Calgary AB
Bus: 403-268-8916 Fax: 403-268-8883
E-mail: margie.strand@calgary.ca
Reports To:
Emergency Management Committee

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleFirst ApptExpiry Year
  Ms. Allyson AustinHuman Resources2013N/A
  Ms. Katie BlackCommunity & Neighbourhood Services2014N/A
  Ms. Glenda ColeLaw Department2013N/A
  Mr. Bruce CullenInfrastructure & Information Services2010N/A
  Ms. Jacquie DeitchFleet Services2013N/A
  Mr. Jeff FieldingChief Administrative Officer2014N/A
  Mr. Dave GriffithsWaste & Recycling Services2008N/A
  Mr. Kevin GriffithsInspections & Permit Services2014N/A
  Mr. Richard HinsePublic Safety Communications2014N/A
  Mr. Ryan JestinAnimal & Bylaw Services2014N/A
  Mr. Owen KeyCorporate Security2010N/A
  Mr. Beng KoaySupply Management2009N/A
  Mr. Dan LimacherWater Services2012N/A
  Mr. Ian LofthouseInformation Technology2014N/A
  Mr. Troy McLeodRoads2014N/A
  Mr. Doug MorganCalgary Transit2012N/A
  Ms. Cindy PickettCustomer Service & Communications2014N/A
  Mr. Ray RobitailleCalgary Police Service2014N/A
  Mr. Rob SpackmanWater Resources2013N/A
  Mr. Ken UzelocCalgary Fire Department2014N/A
   To Be Announced .Parks2015N/A
   To Be Announced .Corporate Properties2015N/A

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1975 March 24, Bylaw 26/75 Disaster Services Bylaw.
2. 2000, Emergency Management Act, RSA 2000 c. E-6.8 Requires municipalities to establish committees to declare local emergencies, develop emergency plans and direct emergency response.
3. 2002 May 27, C2002-48 and Bylaw 25M2002 Establishes the Calgary Disaster Services Agency. Repeals Bylaw 26/75.
4. 2003 October 06, APA2003-53b and Bylaw 38M2003 Bylaw to amend various bylaws to implement the management accountability enhancement project.
5. 2008 February 25, DS2008-01 Recommends the following name change in keeping with the new Alberta Emergency Management Act: a) from 'Calgary Disaster Services Agency' to 'Calgary Emergency Management Agency'; b) from 'Disaster Services Committee' to 'Emergency Management Committee'; c) from 'Director of Calgary Disaster Services' to 'Director of Calgary Emergency Management'; d) from 'Disaster Services bylaw' to 'Emergency Management bylaw'.
6. 2008 April 14, Bylaw 23M2008 Amends Bylaw 25M2002 - The 'Calgary Disaster Services Agency' is renamed 'Calgary Emergency Management Agency'.
7. 2014 November 03, EM2014-0824 and Bylaw 73M2014 Transition of CEMA from the Calgary Fire Department to its own business unit; a dedicated Director has to be appointed to lead the agency. Amends Bylaw 25M2002 - to reflect the changes listed above and to amend the composition of the agency.