Advisory Committee on Accessibility

Terms of Reference
To provide strategic advice and make recommendations to City Council and City Administration in addressing issues, needs, and services for people with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities; including, but not limited to: infrastructure, transportation, technology, communication, affordable/accessibly housing, social and economic accessibility issues in order to provide a high level accessible City services for people with disabilities. 
6 Members with disabilities representing a range of people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities
2 Members representing the seniors community
3 Citizens-at-Large who may or may not have a disability, but who are interested in access issues
3 Members of City Administration (e.g., Planning and Development, Calgary Transit, and Calgary Recreation)

Council appoints ACA members based on recommendations presented to Council by ACA.
1 or 2 year term to allow for staggering

- A public member may serve a maximum of six consecutive years.
- A public member may serve until his or her successor is appointed. The service of a member beyond the appointed term shall not count toward the limit on the length of service set out above if the additional service is one year or less.
- When an appointment is made to fill a public member vacancy:
   o If the balance of the term to be served is one year or less, that service shall not count toward the limit on the length of service; and
   o If the balance of the term to be served is more than one year, that service shall count toward the limit on the length of service.
- A public member may serve more than six consecutive years by a two-thirds vote of Council.
Term Expiry Month:
Day:  3rd Thursday
Time:  4:30 p.m.
Location:  Maude Riley Boardroom, 7th Floor, Municipal Building
50% + 1
Resource Staff:
MacPherson, Lorrie (403-268-5122)
Squair, Leanne (403-268-1352)
Administrative Contact:
Lorrie MacPherson
Calgary Neighbourhoods
City of Calgary
PO Box 2100, Stn M, MC # 8113
Calgary AB T2P 2M5
Bus: 403-268-5122
Reports To:
To City Council through the SPC on Community and Protective Services annually on policy and systems issues affecting people with disabilities and our aging population
Advisory Committee on Accessibility

ChairVice ChairMemberRoleCurrent AppointmentExpiry Year
   Patrick AlmondRepresentative of the seniors community20152020
   Carol ArmesCitizen-at-Large20182020
   Shelly BischoffMember with disability20182021
  Lauri BrunnerMember with disability20092020
   Norah CarmichaelRepresentative of the seniors community20162020
   Matthew CorkumMember with disability20182021
   Layne DouglasCitizen-at-Large20162021
Gregory McMeekinMember with disability20182021
   Brayden PolsonMember with disability20192021
   Nabeel RamjiMember with disability20142020
   Christopher WarnerCitizen-at-Large20192020
   Darlene BoyesCity Administration, Calgary Recreation20192021
   Marco CivitareseCity Administration, Planning and Development20172021
   Laura TrollopeCity Administration, Calgary Transit20152021

Authority  Description Decision
1. 1999 May 03, TTP99-19 (HET99-19) Council adopted a report which outlines an implementation plan, after amendment. Appendix 2: Terms of Reference for a new advisory committee and two sub-committees, with reporting relationship to SPC on C&PS. "Advisory Committee on Services for Persons with Disabilities"; "Access Design Sub-committee"; and "Transportation Services for People with Disabilities Sub-Committee".
2. 1999 September 13, N99-22 Committee is renamed "Advisory Committee on Accessibilty".
3. 2000 January 24, C2000-05 Implementation of the new Corporate organization structure to Level 3, impacting Administration appointments to all BCCs.
4. 2001 September 24, C2001-67 Council confirms that the process to select members to serve on ACA shall be to use that same appointment process that is in place for all Council Committees.
5. 2001 October 23, C2001-72 Composition of Committee revised, with respect to the Administration Members.
6. 2003 September 08 Special Council, AGS2003-43 Committee on Committees recommends that liaison responsibility be assigned to Administration.
7. 2005 December 12, Policy CSPC003 Adoption of Council Policy "Calgary Corporate Accessibility Policy" as a guide to enhance participation in municipal processes and access to City services for people with disabilities.
8. 2009 November 30, LPT2009-81 One member with disability shall serve as a member on Taxi Limousine Advisory Committee (TLAC), increasing membership on TLAC.
9. 2016 May 16, CPS2016-0265 Adoption of updated Terms of Reference for 'Advisory Committee on Accessibility' and its 'Access Design Sub-Committee' that reflects new business names; Dissolution of the 'Advisory Committee on Accessibility Sub-Committee on Transportation Services for People with Disabilities'; Direct Administration to bring forward, no later than 2017 May, an updated Calgary Corporate Accessibility Policy; Direct Administration to follow up with the hearing impaired representatives to explore options to improve services at The City of Calgary events and Activities.
10. 2017 May 08, PFC2017-0312 Amendment to the Terms of Reference to reflect a 6 year term limit maximum for Public Members as specified in the new Council policy on Governance and Appointments of Boards, Commissions and Committees (CP2016-03).
11. 2018 July 30, C2018-0886 Amendment to the Terms of Reference: mandate updated to reflect the current scope of the committee; composition increased from 13 to 14 members.